My Three Favourite Shoes #1

March 3, 2019

Hi lovelies!


You'll notice a trend within my favourite shoes that they are 100% trainers. I wanted to make a small series on the blog speaking all about my favourite most worn shoes to give you an insight into my style! I hope you enjoy! 


The first three that I wanted to speak about in this blog post are i'd say my three most worn at this moment in time. I am such a trainer girl and find a way to wear trainers with every single outfit dressed up or dressed down.


Vans Checkerboard 

Shop @ Mr Porter*


I've had two pairs of vans checkerboards now, they've both lasted so long and I've worn them to death - once you've gone through the awkward wearing in stage of vans they are the comfiest shoes you'll probably ever wear. They are my go to any day with any outfit due to how versatile they are. I think to me its going to be a shoe I will always re buy when they get disgusting and worn down.

Vans Mickey Mouse Collaboration 

Shop @ asos*


These are a recent Christmas present, I have barely taken them off since. They fit and look the exact same as the standard checkerboards but with mickey, minnie and flames. Very Ellie. I like them as they are different to the standard checkerboards but have the same elements to make them funky.

Polka Converse

Shop @ yoox*

shop similar @ yoox*

Shop Other Polka Converse*


I bought these in Budapest and I'm so glad I did, I got a really good deal on them and they were dirt cheap for converse and I love polka and I love converse so to me with an all black outfit they add something more than just plain standard black converse. They are really hard to find in the UK though so the above links are as close as possible that I can find!

Hope you enjoyed this post, tune back in soon for other instalments in this series and more!


Lots of Love, Ellie x


*all imagery is my own, all links within this posts are affiliate links meaning i earn a percentage of the product but it is at no cost to the consumer*

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