Third Year Uni Room Tour

January 13, 2019

Hi Guys! Welcome back, last year I did a blog post showing my second year room and it was really well liked so I decided to do it again this year but with a little less detail full of Huji images! Like I said in last years post if you do realise where I live please don't plaster it everywhere i'd appreciate that haha! If you are thinking to come to Lincoln University do DM me with nay questions that you have.


Window Sill / Bedside Table

Entry Way


Cute Corner


The Bed 

The Kitchen

I wanted this post to be really quick and easy - last time I did this post I was really descriptive and I don't think I needed to be! This year I am living in a studio so I have way more spaces to decorate and spread all my junk around in! I'm really proud of the way I decorated my little pad especially that clothing rail oh my - in love!


I really hoped you enjoyed this quick snappy post, i'll see you soon! 


Lots of Love, Ellie Louise Hirst x


Everything that you've seen above is all linked below, if I have missed something just drop me a dm!


Copper Star - Wilko's

Okay Ring Holder - Tiger

Plant on Window Sill - Ikea

Watering Can - Ikea

Bedding - Ikea

Big Pink Pillows - Ikea

Small Velvet Pink Pillow - Primark

Spotty Pillow - Ikea

Dream Neon Light - Wilko's

Ivy Style Plant - Ikea

Photo Frame - Paperchase

Candle Holder - Wilko's

Long Mirror - Ikea

Clothing Rail - Ikea

Monstera Plant - Ikea

Mini Table - Tiger

Pin Board - Primark

Knitted Boxes Above Wardrobe - Home Sense

Kettle - Wilko's

Copper Cup Holder - Wilko's

Grey Drainer - Next

Grey Stackers - John Lewis

Makeup Storage - Amazon

Bags that you can see - Black Michael Kors - Blue Ted Baker - Beaded Topshop.


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