Reflecting On 2018 & 2019 Resolutions

January 6, 2019

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and I hope you really enjoy my first blog post back for 2019. I recently did this on my Instagram however I decided to do a blog post on it so i'm able to write a little more about all the different things that happened this year and look forward to my twenty nineteen resolutions. I did similar posts about this last year which you can see my 2018 Goals and the 2017 Roundup Here.


The Highlights


January 2018


I brought the year in with my baby pea and had cuddles with him - I started the year as I meant to go on. I absolutely love dogs so I love getting my fortnightly dog needs whilst being at university.

January 2018


Spend most of the year cuddling this baby girl who did sadly pass away this year however she was so happy and we miss her so much.

february 2018


Tobes decided to hop up and do some work on his laptop (joking of course) but what a good boy doing his uni work haha!

february 2018


We carried on having cuddles for the rest of the year - we really did start how we meant to go on! 

march 2018


We visited a wildlife safari park, we saw some giraffes and it was lovely - they are honestly beautiful animals!

may 2018


I finished one of my favourite design pieces so far which ended off my second year of university which you will be able to look back on through my site!

may 2018


I tried to make my baby peas water babies - which they hate but I always try to make them like water with a pool of water and some fruit and veggies that they can of course eat.

june 2018


I turned twenty, which wasn't very interesting. Had my usual family party with all the people I love and received some incredible pressies that I'm always thankful for!

june 2018


We got the new baby boy, sash wasn't very happy but tobes was very happy because he had a new wild and crazy pooch to play with that wasn't me running him wild...

july 2018


We drove off to Center Parcs and had a blast we did so many hilarious things and had a lovely time just us and the boyf , I would love to make it a yearly tradition...

july 2018


Whilst in Center Parcs I fell back in love with fruit gums and playing uno which i'm obsessed with playing card games never mind games in general (which I've recently just got obsessed with dobble)

July 2018


The baby pooch (Zeus) tried his first lolly pop during the nicest summer that we had - praying for the same temperature next year it was so lovely!

July 2018


I WENT BLONDE! Ok, I was already had ombre but I got blonder hair and I loved it - and still do love it.

july - august 2018


Me and mumma bear jetted off to Budapest and had the loveliest time and I want to go back in the future / HAVE to go back in the future.

july - august 2018


We found the nicest little pizzeria in Buda and ate there two nights in a row because it was so cheap and cheerful but the nicest thing I've ever eaten!

september 2018


I moved back to university and moved into a new pad! Tour coming soooooon!

september 2018


Third year is full of stressful crying, fundraising for show and the best projects we've ever done...

september 2018


Third year began with four incredible projects and i'm very excited to see whats ahead...

november 2018


Tobes went ahead and sat on Zeus when he was relaxing, typical... comfy of course?

december 2018


Mum came to Lincoln and we had some INCREDIBLE waffles...

december 2018


The beautiful Lincoln Cathedral Christmas Tree which got me ever so christmassy...

december 2018


The home Christmas tree which I already miss now it's been taken down as i'm typing up this blog post.


The highlights that aren't in pictures


Something I'm very thankful for is that this year wasn't as bad as the previous two years and I achieved some incredible things throughout my year. I went on placement with Simon from Known Aim which I was incredibly thankful for the experience which really advanced my knowledge in design in general. I blogged more - I kept to a twice a week schedule for the majority of the year and created some posts that I am really proud of! I travelled - nowhere near as much as I wanted to - maybe this year... Which leads me onto my resolutions.


The Resolutions


1. To blog


Which is the same as the previous year, but blogging is something that I really do enjoy doing I would love to write more on design, my design favourites for the month / how I design etc I would just love to add my creative side to my blog more!


2. To Make Some More Incredible Work


I have already ended 2018 on creating some incredible work to start my third year and i'm so proud to see what else I create from this month onwards especially with my graduation being at the end of this year! You can see my portfolio here.


3. To Travel


Like I said in the above I graduate at the end of this year, so I would really like to travel before starting a job - which I do need to find. So I'm going to try save some money / try some freelancing / work at the start of summer to try and travel throughout summer and the rest of the year before settling into a job - whether that will happen I'm not so sure yet. We shall see! Do tell me if you'd like to see another post about where I would like to travel - I already have one here.


4. To Go To The Gym more than twice a week!


I've always enjoyed going to the gym so I wanted it to make a regular thing for twenty nineteen!


5. To be more mindful to myself.


This one is pretty self explanatory but its something that I always place up high in my resolutions.


So there we go! A roundup of the year and what I want to keep in my mind for twenty nineteen!

I'll see you soon - please do send me anything you would like to see this year!


Love, Ellie Louise Hirst xx

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