favourite bloggers #2

September 18, 2018

The last time I did this post it was at the start of the year so I thought it was the time for a part two, updated and better images (in my opinion). So let's roll with my fav bloggers - why I love them and why I always come back for more with them.


~ In The Frow ~


Victoria is the blog goals for probably everyone including me. I have always been 'jealous' of her blog ever since I first started reading her site years ago. Where she has come from and where she is now just sets the bar so high that it's completely limitless for her success. She also seems like the biggest sweetheart and the best pal to sit around and speak about all life problems. ALSO I really want my boyfriend to step up his photography game and be as incredible as Harrison.

~ Em Talks ~


Em Talks (Em Sheldon) has always been a favourite of mine - just like In The Frow. I think I fell in love with Em even more when I found out she lives in Leeds both West Yorkshire gal's and I love it. Her accent makes me feel at home and I like feeling at home and comfortable when reading and catching up with fav bloggers. If you are looking for authentic truthful content - Em's the one for you.

~ Beth Sandland ~


I very recently came across Beth - I say recently but it was a few months ago. I've been head over heels since. I absolutely love her style, her photography and so much more. I love basically everything about Beth and her blog. God Ellie how many more times can I say 'love'. Beth's writing style is incredible, she really makes me want to up my writing game.

~ Beth Louise ~


If you love a girl who has rants on her Instagram stories and in detail posts about being fucked over by a fuck boy and much more - Beth is the one for you. She is incredibly sweet, helps everyone out and you really should all go read her blog and if you don't want to do that as you aren't a reader - I highly recommend her Instagram stories for good ol' girl chat.

~ Francisca Rockey ~


Fran, where do I start. I got to know fran through one of Beth's Instagram Live's and I am so thankful I did. Not only is she an incredible friend, but also an incredible writer not only with the way she writes but also with the topic's she speaks about. Sorry Fran if you are reading this it sounds like an #ad for you. I promise it's not - but whoever is reading this out - please go check Fran's blog out (Linked Above).

I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you found a new blogger you now love? Please say I sent you and comment on this post!


Lots of love,


Ellie Louise Hirst x 


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