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September 16, 2018

Home decor and styling is something I have always been interested in, if I wasn't so in love with Graphic Design i'd probably be an interior designer. If you have recently bought a home or flat here's some Inspiration for you and for myself reading this - girl this is what you've got to look forward to.


I originally was all for a house that all works together and works as one however the more I pin on my Pinterest I rethink it and think i'd much rather have many personalities - which of course have elements that all work together - but since seeing Zoella's house it's really made me fall in love with houses that have many different personalities which work together to make one big one!


~ The Kitchen ~


My future kitchen has to include navy blue / dark earthy green and baby pinks with a big hint of black and rose gold hardware and pine features. AND. Many plants. I absolutely adore the mix of rustic and modern kitchens, with the modern cabinets and features but the rustic use of layering and what I like to call 'fashionable clutter'.

~ The Living Room ~ 


My Future living room has to have a very similar colour scheme to the kitchen - that's not for any fluidity. Just because I love the colour schemes. My living room has to include navy / dark green walls with the mix of baby pink, neon, metals oH AND PLANTS! 

~ The Bedroom ~ 


Cosy Duvets, Chunky Knit Blankets, Plants and a low bed. HONESTLY A DREAM. I absolutely love being snuggly and warm and absolutely adore comfort. So to me, multiple blankets, cushions etc sounds like heaven. What colours to go for I have no idea, whether I go for pinks? greys? or beige/white. I have no idea I love them all. I absolutely adore the flower wall featured in the pictures below - if I get something to look this good like that. I'll be so happy.

~ The Office ~ 


Feature walls. YES. Feature walls. I absolutely adore feature walls whether that's a painted wall or a gallery wall. or a big cabinet. either which one. I am such a fan of pin up walls or gallery walls and basically anything that shows your personality through a design or a layout. It is so nice to walk into someones space and get a little bit of them through their layouts and interior. Which I bloody adore.

~ The Bathroom ~ 


Bathroom's. Something that would probably be my last to do thing when I ever renovate a house as it's probably one of the more expensive things to do - but also the place that you don't really see the mOST of. I really want a clean and crisp bathroom with white, marble maybe some wood cladding (if thats what you call it?) and black. not much rose gold in the bathroom. just black and white and maybe some wood cladding like I said in the above.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it wasn't too typical influencer house. Like I said at the start of this post I want something that's not all samey samey in each room throughout the house and each room has individual personality and is HOMEY. most importantly. It has to be homey - not just for me, but also my guests. Baby pink is something i'd probably never go off. Maybe it would just change to baby blue in the future.


See you soon,


Lots of love,


Ellie Louise Hirst x


~ Pinterest Boards ~


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