How I Like To Accessorise My Outfits

September 4, 2018

A necklace and a good set of rings is something I always wear. I always have a choker and a necklace on no matter where I am going. May not have bracelet and rings on - but definitely a necklace and choker. Here's my favourite accessories that I wear 5 days out of 7 and here is why.


My apple watch is something I bought for myself last summer with not going away I saved my money and put it all towards an apple watch which is something I had been wanting for so long. I have to say it's not my most 'practical' purchase and it's mainly for an achievement purchase. But it's one I'd highly recommend if you are an apple lover or an exercise / convenience lover!


My pandora bracelet - this is my second pandora bracelet now with one being all silver and my latest being rose gold. I want to keep this bracelet short and sweet with only a few charms. I have the Love and Guidance charm for my closest friend Tom who passed away in the army a few years ago now - I got the charm to replace the plastic stretchy bracelet I wore daily.


My Gucci Necklace was a gift from my parents for my 20th birthday this year - something I really wasn't expecting but I absolutely adore and I'm so grateful for my parents who got it me. I had an incredibly hard year and a half so I think it was a 'you are doing good' gift haha!


Like I said in a previous post earrings make an outfit for me - I could have the simplest outfit on with my hair in a high pony and look a bit rough around the edges but the minute I put some nice statement earrings in i'm sorted. It takes the outfit from being meh to being amazing.


My rings are a pride and joy, I love wearing rings especially on multiple fingers and multiple on each finger! I think a stacked look looks so nice and I really enjoy it. I have all kinds of rings - mainly silver and rose gold. Recently rose gold has been a massive love of mine - hence mainly owning rose gold accessories!


You can shop all the item's featured in this post at the end!


I really hope you enjoyed this short yet sweet post,


I'll see you soon!


Ellie Louise Hirst x




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* All the links within this post are affiliate links where I earn a percentage of the item if you purchase through my link, but in no way does this add onto the price you're paying. This is also not a sponsored post, all opinions and all items are chosen by myself. *

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