How I Created A Platform I Love

September 9, 2018

I have always loved blogging, always have and probably always will. Blogging is incredibly hard 98% of the time but in the other 2% it's pretty easy and smooth sailing. I don't think I have a big enough following to say blogging for me is hard with the constant brand deals and emails because that is not me. But to me, it's incredibly hard thinking of ideas that haven't been done before and most of the time they have been done. Blogging has been around for a long while now - it's hard to have an innovative post idea twice a week. I certainly try my best... 



I think of post titles when and where I can - whether it's an idea i've seen from some of my other favourite bloggers, on Pinterest and more? I am on Pinterest 80% of the time - whether i've been looking at room decor or anything graphic design related. For example... If I see a really nice piece of food, i'll pin it and think about recreating it for a blog post. 


I have a notes list on my phone full of blog post titles, whether they make the final cut or not? Doesn't always happen but most do - whether it's a little bit of rewriting or completely changing the idea - they usually make it out there. I often create the images before the blog post and I batch shoot loads of different images on different backgrounds topics and more then write the blog posts around them. I will then usually write out the title and write out what I need to get out to get the images I need to take, for example for my Favourite Perfumes Post? I need to get out my favourite perfumes! and so on and so forth.


I wanted to speak about how I blog, but also how you can blog also?


If you are thinking it's going to be as easy as making a website and you just instantly start earning? It's not like that whatsoever - that's if you are doing it the correct way. If you are creating clickbait fake content you probably will start earning quickly. But that's not the way to go. If you really want success, true engagement and a strong community around you faking it till you make it will NOT work. Blogging is not cheap (unless you want it to be). Especially when you have just started out. You want to try the new products, you want to review things, you have to pay for a domain. You may want to do these things - but you don't HAVE to.


- You don't need to have your own domain straight away.

- Review the products you already have!

- You don't need a fancy pants camera!

- You don't need the fancy editing software.


All you need is an item to write on, phone laptop or tablet? A phone to take pictures on? And your own written words. If you have the means to do the above three things? You can create an incredible platform. You don't need to start off being the next Em Talks or Zoella no matter how amazing that sounds - but you'll get there!


If you are looking for a good place to create your site? Try Blogger or Wordpress for an easier feel. If you are wanting to create a handmade style website - try square space or Wix! I use Wix currently and love it.


If you do think about creating a blog? please comment in the comments! and if you already own one? comment also! I'll have a good old read. My parting comment will be - if you enjoy doing it? do it!


Lots of love,


Ellie Louise Hirst x


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