My Six Summer Essentials

August 26, 2018

I wanted to speak about my Six Summer Essentials before summer is over! I have lived for these six products this summer and no doubt will the next summer, the one after that and then the one after that one! I ideally should have had this post out earlier but you know - still time for another heatwave?


My six summer essentials are a good cross body bag, a good highlight, some funky earrings, a good facial spray, a good face sun cream and of course my phone for all needs - images, instagram, emails and more! I will link my six favourites at the end of this post but also some good variants as I understand £175 ain't cheap for a cross body!


The reason these six products are my summer essentials is because my bag and earrings make any outfit go from boring to funky. It's like got your hair up because its so sweaty? Put a good pair of earrings in and you are sorted! That's basically all I really have to say - please let me know your summer favourites as i've shown you mine!


My Six Summer Essentials:


Body Shop Rose Water


Mary Lou Manizer Highlight


Black Pom Pom Earrings


Benefit Dream Screen


Michael Kors Bag | Version One* | Version Two* | Version Three





Similar Summer Essentials:


ASOS DESIGN snake effect cross body camera bag


Glamorous Black Camera Cross Body Bag


Revolution Strobe Highlighter Rejuvinate


Revolution Strobe Highlighter flash


Revolution Soph X Highlighter palette



I really hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post!

Lots of Love, Ellie Louise Hirst x



* Links within this post are affiliate links where I earn a percentage of the item if you purchase through my link, but in no way does this add onto the price you're paying. This is also not a sponsored post, all opinions and all items are chosen by myself. *

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