Budapest : Did I Love It? Did I Hate It?

August 21, 2018

I recently visited Budapest as you will be able to tell from all the Budapest content! I really hope you are enjoying it. I wanted to top off all my Budapest blog posts with speaking about Did I Love It? or Did I Hate It? I have covered basically everything surrounding Budapest so far - so this is the last instalment! 


Want to give you a big hint towards the title of this blogpost and you may already know how much I enjoyed or didn't enjoy Budapest due to my Instagram. But I LOVED IT! I absolutely adored Budapest and I can't wait to return in the future. I had mentioned in my Ten Places I Can't Wait To Visit post that I wanted to visit Budapest and I DID!! and LOVED IT!!


So here we are, lets get into the nitty gritty about why I loved Budapest...

Photo : On The Plane Home - We Flew With JET2.

Photo : new york cafe.

Photo : new york cafe.

Photo : markets.

Photo : house of parliament.

Photo : high note sky bar.

Photo : river cruise with big bus tours / house of parliament.

Photo : looking at the Danube.

Photo : architecture.

Photo : fisherman's bastion.

Photo : down a back street / lace store.

Photo : fisherman's bastion.


To me Budapest is like Barcelona - not just with the culture or anything but it's one of those cities where I can visit once, twice, three times and many more after that. It's just so stunning, the architecture is beautiful, the culture is also lovely to see and so much more. 


I found out about New York Cafe due to an article about the most instagrammable places in Budapest and I 100% agree - It is incredibly beautiful. I would 100% go back again due to how beautiful it was, it was very posh and modern on the outside and on the inside it was incredibly traditional. The decor is absolutely beautiful it makes me wish my traditional house lifestyle! I asked my mum if we could visit New York Cafe as I had seen so many articles about how beautiful it is so when we looked online it is NOT CHEAP !! Due to it's decor and its reputation it wasn't going to be as cheap as some of the places we had eaten at throughout our trip. When we looked online it was €60 for afternoon tea so we just thought - something we both like, something we don't mind paying a little more for! and it was delicious. Being a fussy vegetarian I asked to make my sandwiches just cheese and it was mozzarella... I mean c'mon I was there expecting cheddar.


* A note about food in Budapest if you aren't used to it they do add a 10% / 15% service charge on what you eat and sometimes drink. So please be careful when you do go somewhere for food or drink and also remember to give as close to the number of the bill as possible as they don't often give change due to their currency. OH ALSO!! PAY IN HUF IT TURNS OUT CHEAPER!! You can pay in Euro however they prefer and it's easier in HUF due to the exchange rate they use and so on *


We visited the markets about half an hour before closing so to fit everything in it was a massive rush however it was beautiful in the parts we did get to see. It was very big and due to me not liking to see raw meat we went upstairs for the gifts and bits and not for the usual market meats as i'm not a huge fan. If you love markets this is 100% one to visit. The building itself is beautiful never mind the markets inside!


The houses of parliament in Budapest are well and truly beautiful. They say the got the inspo for a big houses of parliament from us in London and I honestly can't see how because ours are a good D compared to theres being a good A*. They have legit no correlation due to the beauty of ours and the meh-ness of ours hah!


Every place we went whilst we were in Budapest was absolutely beautiful. As you can see by all of the images within this blog post is absolutely stunning whether it's a shop window or a building. Me and my Mum stayed at Three Corners Hotel Anna and we got a really good deal for it to say we were booking not too far in advance! I would highly recommend staying there as we were so close to everything. We were 15 minutes away from the main shopping street in Budapest and only 10 minutes away from the Big Bus Stop so it meant we could walk and visit anywhere due to its closeness. We actually bought Big Bus tickets before we got there as we thought it would be cheaper and we wouldn't have to faff around trying to find where to buy them from and I have to say it was the best thing as we could hop on hop off and visit wherever we wanted! 


The reason I loved Budapest so much was due to the buildings, the people, the heat, the atmosphere and literally everything about it. Apart from how Hungarians didn't really like it that you didn't speak their language like but... Apart from that little fact I adored it. It was so incredibly beautiful and I cannot wait to return in the future.


We stayed at Three Corner's Hotel Anna:


I honestly couldn't recommend this hotel anymore, it was absolutely incredible and I will definitely return again. Like I said in the above, this hotel is incredibly situated with only a 10/15 minute walk from everywhere yet it's off the main roads in a back street so its incredibly quiet. I couldn't recommend this hotel enough, like truly!


Jet2 Holidays:


2 Adults for 3 nights from Mon 17 Sep 2018

- Manchester to Budapest (Same for Birmingham and Leeds Bradford)

- Bed and Breakfast

- 10kg Hand Luggage

- 22kg Baggage

- Double Comfort Room

£350 with £200 discount on Jet2!


Jet2 Holidays:


2 Adults for 3 nights from Mon 24 Sep 2018

- Manchester to Budapest (Same for Birmingham and Leeds Bradford)

- Bed and Breakfast

- 10kg Hand Luggage

- 22kg Baggage

- Double Comfort Room

£288 with £200 discount on Jet2!


I really hope you enjoyed this post, i'll see you all soon!




Ellie Louise Hirst x


*none of the opinions in this post are biased - all opinions are my own, this post is not a paid advertorial*


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