Three Easy Environmental Swaps

August 28, 2018

The world takes care of us? So why can't we take care of it? Of late we have all been speaking about environmental changes we need to make. So here's three very small Environmental Swaps you can do that helps you out as well as the Environment!



I am 100% that person who has a straw with basically every drink I have - I really don't like the feel of hot or cold drinks that aren't water against my teeth so whenever I get a drink I also get a pesky straw with it and to be honest I knew I was causing some damage somewhere and then when recently all the articles about it it made me instantly go buy some metal straws.


" There are 500 times more pieces of microplastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy and by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish " The Independent


Plastic is a great material, it's cheap, capable to make any shape, strong and durable and since the 1950's we have produced an estimated 8.3 billion metric tonnes of it. However 79 percent of the plastic we have produced since the 1950's has been thrown away into landfill or into the general environment with only nine percent of it is recycled with the rest of it being incinerated. Which if you think it's like this already we really need to make a change. 


Yes buying reusable things like straws and bottles and cutlery is something so small and so easy but the main thing we need to tackle right now is single use plastic - things that we use once and then bin. Because even though we throw it into the recycle bin? Does it even actually get recycled? By the above stats it sadly clearly doesn't. 


I wanted to write this post for the people who haven't made the switch yet and I highly recommend you to make the switch. These item's aren't very expensive to replace and if you are thinking of getting something like a KeepCup if you are a heavy coffee drinker you actually get a small discount if you bring your own reusable cup in! So it will end up paying for itself and in the long run you are helping the environment little by little. 


If we all stop buying useless single use plastic we could really make a long term difference.


I want to leave this post here as I don't think I'm educated enough to make any larger comments. But please carry around your reusable items. And if you go anywhere with your single use items like a beach or anywhere leave them in your car. Take them home with you. It's not hard. Just think before you leave your coffee cup and straw on the beach or throw your bag of sarnie rubbish out of the window. You aren't hard, or cool you are just single handedly f**cking up the environment even more.


Lots of links below, please have a good look!


Lots of love,


Ellie Louise Hirst x


People Who Inspired Me To Make These Changes:


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Products In This Post:


Metal Straws


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Starbucks cup - in store, very expensive online


Other products:


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KeepCup Original Clear 8oz Origin reusable cup


KeepCup Original 12oz Nitro reusable cup


Kado I am an explorer water bottle 500ml




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