Budapest : How I Pack

August 14, 2018

I wanted to do a little quick and easy post about how I pack when I go away anywhere. For this trip it’s to Budapest! I wanted to speak about the little things I do to make packing and unpacking so much easier.



I have the Tripp large suitcase - for this trip and all my other trips. I bought and love this suitcase so much due to the split sides and hard outer shell. I treated this trip just like any other and packed all my main items in the larger half of the bag being : my clothes , my skincare bag, my makeup bag , my undies bag and my straighteners. 



I find rolling the bulk of my clothes to be the most practical way to pack as it doesn’t leave you with one solid crease line along your item of clothing and you guessed it !! IT SAVES SO MUCH SPACE !! If I would have packed my suitcase with folded ‘normally’ clothes I would have arrived in Budapest with not so much left over space in my suitcase and creased clothes and tbh who wants that. So I bulk roll all of my clothes and place a few folded things on top to keep it all in control!



As you can see the whole side of one suitcase is completely compact! I have the majority of my clothes rolled and kept to the bottom half of one suitcase and then placed some bigger / no creasy clothes on the top as they aren't too bad if they have a few creases in. Plus like I previously said it also keeps everything in one simple place! I leave all the top of my suitcase for everything else!



This is basically what my suitcase looked like for the bottom half and also this was the majority of everything! bar my shoes which I just shoved in the top of my suitcase due to all the spare space. Overall, I squeezed and rolled all my clothes to the bottom of my suitcase with my four makeup bags/bags and straighteners on the top. So top to bottom - Toiletries! Straighteners! Makeup! Undies! and My alternative bags. I am incredibly proud that I fit it all in so well. There are so many pictures within this blog post that explain it so much better than the wording.


So I really hope you enjoyed this post! It was short but sweet! I hope it was quite informative - the most I can say is ROLL YOUR CLOTHES!!! 


Speak Soon,


Love, Ellie Louise Hirst x


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