My University Experience So Far

July 31, 2018

My University Experience so far has included many ups and many downs. So here goes my University Experience so far including the many ups and downs in written form. I did a post a while back speaking about My Top Tips For Surviving University So if some of these topics overlap I do apologise.


If you love alcohol - you will no doubt be surrounded by it at University. You will say to yourself 'I'm not going out' and then 20 mins later you will be getting ready for a night out. And yes - your kitchen will be full of glasses and bottles even though you say you're gonna clean up before you go out. 

Club photos will either the best or worst of your life. This photo of me and Jen is beautiful but so many questions. All the drinks infant of us. Why do I have a glow stick on? You will no doubt have one time in your life where the club photographer wants to get more than one photo of you at multiple stages of the night. Its like do you take it as a compliment or is he just stalking you getting drunker and drunker throughout the night.

The start of December for Christmas at uni is very strange especially when you've always spent time with your family every Christmas. It's also strange to be away for the start of Christmas not being at home and ACTUALLY working @ uni. Top tip for surviving university at the start of Christmas - make your uni room Christmassy and homey!

Another top tip for surviving university - take pictures. So many pictures and have so much fun. Take every night as a good one, two vk’s for £5 YES DO IT! Have fun and enjoy yourself. I absolutely love waking up to photos on my camera roll from when I was drunk!

Another drunk photo from the same night. University is wonderful , my first year was hell for me with my mental health however the best year for me with my social life and meeting the best people I’ve ever met. First year was hard for me due to my education but the people I met and the people I spend all my time with I adore! At university you will meet some of the best people!

My first year like I previously said was hell. My second year has been so much better and so much happier and no where near as toxic and negative which I am so happy about. I advise if you have had a tough time with your mental health - or are right now reading this. SPEAK OUT. There is no shame in saying you are struggling - it will get better and it will all work out in the end. I promise!

In freshers - go out as much as you can, have fun, dress up. Be crazy. Be fun. Be happy. You’ll never forget these moments and yes the first week of University you may be a little hungover - but as long as you’ve had fun - made friends and been happy! Then who wins! You!

If you think to yourself on a night out. Why am I taking a picture with a random guy in a panda outfit. Because why not. All that goes through your mind after a few VK’s and a few voddy cokes is ‘THATS SICK TAKE A PIC!!’

Here we have another Christmas picture. I never know why clubs give out accessories at events like this. Remember if they give you a hat or a headband - take it with caution. Because some random drunk WILL take it from you. So air with caution if you really want to keep it from 11pm till when the club closes.

And yes... it is a good idea to get a swimming pool and ball pit in your kitchen. 


Have fun, enjoy yourself and most of all be happy. University is one of the best experiences of your life. You will meet some of the best people ever. If you need any help - ask. Need any advice - ask. There are many people who will no doubt feel the same as you. My university experience has been the best possible even with the blip in first year.


Have fun you guys!


Lots of love,


Ellie x


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