Summer Skincare 2018

July 24, 2018

I recently did a post about my Summer Makeup which i'm wearing for 2018 - it should be my last post so check my site if you want to see my Summer Makeup! But anyway, here's my Summer Skincare. Skincare is something I am always wary of as I used to have very badly acne prone skin so I used to use the bare minimum aka water as my skin would break out to basically everything. BUT HEY! HERE WE GO!


Eye wake Serum - EYE WAKE


I have been using this product for a few months now and I absolutely love it. It's so cooling in the morning and it is slowly getting rid of my eye bags - which that's a big statement because my eye bags never leave no matter how much sleep I get. 




This of course is a necessity for summer - because yo' gal doesn't need wrinkles earlier than she should do... I recently bought this as the weather was getting incredibly warm for the uk so I needed face sun screen! This fit the cut by a mile, it hasn't broken me out whatsoever, it makes me nice and glowy and it of course protects my skin - so it's a bonus!


Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist - BODY SHOP


I have written a post before about how much I love facial sprays - so if you know me you no doubt know how much I adore facial sprays. I recently picked this up from body shop as my Mario Badescu is running out and I couldn't be without a rose spray. Rose water adds so much hydration to my face and is so refreshing which is why I love it so much.


Photo Finish Primer Water - SMASHBOX


I tried this product when it came out and I hadn't tried it since as I didn't repurchase as I already had enough facial sprays - but the other day I had ran out of all nighter so I thought i'd pick it up to replace it as I really enjoyed it when I used to have it. So of course I still love it now.




I bought this moisturiser the other day when I went into Body Shop to spend a birthday voucher I had. I love the product and how it makes my skin feel however it doesn't settle well under my makeup so I tend to not use it when I wear it under that. I don't think they sell this product anymore as I couldn't find it on the website. So i'm sorry about that.


I really enjoy all of these products, I hope if you're looking for some good skin care - there was my five favs!


Thankyou for reading!


See you soon,


Ellie x


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