Summer Makeup 2018

July 22, 2018

This year for the first year in a very long while i've been comfortable wearing next to no makeup on the daily basis. So I wanted to show you what I am wearing on the daily. I can't believe it's so little - I honestly used to put a full face on every day rain or shine and in this heatwave we are having currently in the UK it is UNBEARABLE to wear anything that you can sweat off.


Todays post is no doubt going to be a short and sweet one. Lets see the eight products i'm throwing on my face every morning ... well most mornings.


So, here's what I do to my face on a hot summer morning. I throw on my eye serum, sun screen, primer spray, shove a little bronzer on, shove a lot of highlighter on, fill in my brows and set then do lashes - THEN DONE!


Eye Wake Serum - eye wake


The eye serum I use is Eye Wake. I was kindly gifted this by Eye Wake and have loved it ever since it first arrived. My eyes are no longer as puffy once applied, my dark circles are slowly going... and I love it so much. I am honestly not being paid to say this even though it sounds like it. It's genuinely a great price and would highly recommend. I apply this under my eyes before anything and let it sink in before further applying anything else.


Dream Screen - Benefit


I recently bought Dream Screen by Benefit as I was looking for a good sun screen that I could put on my face without breaking out. So far I love it, it hasn't broken me out and it has kept my face from burning as when I'm in the sun for too long I get burnt very quickly on my face. Having this on my face every day is just protecting my future skin - I don't want no wrinkles! After my Eye Serum sinking in I then put my sunscreen on and then let it to soak in before further applying anything else.


Primer Spray - Smashbox


I love any type of primer spray or prep spray or any spray. ESPECIALLY IN THIS WEATHER. You can see another post about facial sprays here. But I tried the Smashbox one when it first came out and only recently re purchased as I have had so many within this time so just got the chance to splurge on another primer and set spray. This one is incredible, it's not too sticky but it does have some tackiness but not unbearable as it dries down. After my other skincare has sunk in I then apply my primer spray on top.


Hoola Bronzer - Benefit


I have used this bronzer for YEARS. I got a sample a while ago and I just kept repurchasing and still use it now (obviously). It is the perfect shade for me when i'm pale or tanned it suits my facial shadows perfectly. I apply my bronzer on my temples and then my cheek bones - very lightly and with a soft hand. 


Mary Lou Manizer - The Balm


Now this is the highlighter i've used since I probably started getting into makeup. I love and still use both MAC Soft and Gentle and this. MAC Soft and Gentle is quite golden however the Mary Lou is quite light and shimmery which is better for my paler skin. I basically apply to highlight to each area of my face - forehead, brow bone, upper lip, cheek bones, chin basically everywhere. The glow makes the look.


Dipbrow Medium Brown - Anastasia Beverly Hills

Fill and Tame Brow Gel - Beautaniq


When I first used dip brow I couldn't work with it - it didn't work for me whatsoever. However, after a few weeks of persevering I fell in love with it. Still am now. So I have to say to you, if you are thinking of buying dip brow and when you first try it and it doesn't work for you - WORK WITH IT / STICK WITH IT - You'll no doubt end up loving it. I fill in the bottom and ends of my brows and then use brow gel for the start of the brows!


Bad Gal Bang - Benefit


I recently got a sample size of Bad Gal Bang and it's made its way into my daily makeup for the weather. It isn't transferring or flaking - it's incredibly black and lengthens my lashes really well. So yeah, It's become a love of mine!


I hope you enjoyed my summer makeup! I'd love to know your summer makeup loves - please tell me!


Lots of Love,


Ellie x


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