Saint Laurent Lust List

July 17, 2018

A while ago I wrote a Gucci Lust List so I decided as it was loved by a few I decided to go down the list of some of my favourite designers and brands and create a few Lust Lists! So please do tell me if you enjoy reading these as I will keep up with doing them! For my Gucci Lust List I had many products however for this Lust List I decided to keep it short and sweet! I really hope you enjoy this post whether you already own YSL or not, I hope it either helps you with your future purchases, or next purchases!



^ Saint Laurent Polka Dot Card Holder*


I found this little cardholder on Farfetch, I absolutely adore anything Polka Dot so when I saw this I instantly fell in love, especially that it's monochrome! The details within YSL Products really makes me happy and appreciate the brand even more. I suppose when you are paying so much for a small card holder the details mean the most.


Store : Farfetch

Price : £220


^ Saint Laurent Crocodile-Embossed Sunset Bag*


Again I found this bag on Farfetch, I absolutely adore anything Red, Red suits me incredibly well if I do say so myself - so anything red I adore. I adored the bag due to the colour but also adored the style of the bag with the layered front due to the pockets and the inside is organisation heaven due to the compartments and zippers! This bag was heaven all over for me with the colour, style and embossed print.


Store : Farfetch

Price : £1,090


^ Saint Laurent Printed Cotton T-shirt*


I saw this tee on Mytheresa and I couldn't resist to not put this beauty on my Lust List. I absolutely adore the design on this tee which is why it caught my eye so much. I love the doodle sketch design with the light splash of colour throughout the typography and design. The possibilities of styling this tee are endless due to its light and flow-y feel. It can be styled both ways, oversized or tight - they both would look effortless.


Store : Mytheresa

Price : £300


^ Saint Laurent Embroidered Court Classic Sneakers*


It's going to get very repetitive saying 'I saw this on ...' so from now on i'll just list the store below. I adored the style of these sneakers hence why I put them in my Lust List, with the white classic lace up style with the embroidered logo on the side of the shoe adding that extra detail and love into the sneaker rather than having them full of logos, only having the plain typography just adds so much more 'care' and personality into them. 


Store : Harrods

Price : £450


^ Saint Laurent Back Logo Embroidered Jersey T-Shirt*


Again, similar to the previous tee, due to the transparency and simple design on front and back they can be styled so easily and styled both up and down. The pop of red would be a nice touch to an all black outfit, yet it would also be nice paired with red jeans to compliment the style and colour overall. The oversized look would be how I would wear the tee.


Store : Luisaviaroma

Price : £210


^ Saint Laurent Black Lou Leather Belt Bag*


If you are a boujee festival go-er and fancy spending the below amount on basically a bum bag - then here's the bag for you, or if you drape it around your body to make more use out of it on the daily. Here's the bag for you. I saw this bag and loved the design of it, regardless of the style - I wanted it and had to put it on my lust list. The details that are on this bag for a belt bag is 100% the reason why I would pay so much for it due to the small intricate details.


Store : Browns Fashion

Price : £560


^ Saint Laurent 110mm Opyum Logo Patent Leather Pumps*


I've seen these heels on my insta feed so much, yet each time I love them more and more. The detail within the heels is perfect from the YSL heel and the pointed toe and the Patent Leather - so beautiful. I saw them styled by '@xammasi' on instgram. That girl styles everything incredibly well, but these shoes were styled excellent by her. Hence why they made them onto the Lust List due to how beautiful they were and for luxe heels they aren't too stupidly priced.


Store : Luisaviaroma

Price : £770


^ Saint Laurent Patent Inez Feather Embellished Sandals*


I bought a pair of feather embellished heels from Topshop a while ago and even though they were ruined after one night out, I still wanted to add these to the Lust List. I loved the thin heel and straps with the feather touch on the back of the shoe to add some extra detail to what would be a very simplistic style. Definitely won't be worn anywhere drinks could possibly get spilt on them!


Store : Harrods

Price : £855


^ Saint Laurent Baby Downtown Monogram Leather Tote*


When I saw this bag my heart melted. The pink is the most perfect colour and is the perfect balance between a standard baby pink and a white - the colour is perfect. I also loved the pink and the gold together, the gold suits way more than a silver would. The clasp closing the bag at the top is very different and detailed. Also, the attention to detail is amazing. I love the luggage tag style on most YSL bags regardless of whether they are actually useful or not.


Store : Mytheresa

Price : £1,390


^ Saint Laurent Black and White Kate Polka Dot*


Like I said near the start of this post I said I absolutely loved the Polka Dot Print. I love the smaller size of the bag as I do love a small bag with only my phone and card holder in. The detail within the bag is perfect within the three panels and the YSL Decal on the front of the bag which match the pattern on the leather. The price of this bag is steep however for the quality and detail is worthy due to the price.


Store : Browns Fashion

Price : £1,225


I highly enjoyed writing this and I can't wait to carry on this series. So I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you were looking to add something to your high end collection and you found something on this post, you are very welcome! I can't wait to own some YSL products in the future, hopefully i'll get a good graduate job haha!


Thank-you for reading,


See You Next Time!


Ellie x


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* All the links within this post are affiliate links where I earn a percentage of the item if you purchase through my link, but in no way does this add onto the price you're paying. This is also not a sponsored post, all opinions and all items are chosen by myself. *


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