My Five Favourite Podcasts

June 26, 2018

I absolutely love listening to podcasts, so I wanted to tell you guys about my favourite podcasts so you can love them too. I don't often listen to podcasts when i'm driving - however any other events. YES I WILL LISTEN. So here we are, lets speak about my five favourite podcasts. 



1. The Jenna Julien Podcast.


This is a podcast which as you can tell by the screenshot I rarely miss. Not only miss them once but watch them over and over - hence why some podcasts are not fully finished. Trust me - they have been listened to. I absolutely love Jenna's Videos and of course Julien's Videos. They have such a great bond which you can clearly see on camera and Julien's fire segways... well amazing. No more comments.


2. Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey.


It's another situation where I love one of their YouTube channel's and I was thrilled when I heard they were coming out with a podcast. Candice is like my inner emotions which I love when she features within the videos. So when they announced that a podcast with them both made me so happy because there's a lot more Candice in the podcasts than the videos. Hence why I love it so much.


3. VIEWS With David Dobrik and Jason Nash.


I don't listen to this podcast much, however when I do I absolutely love it. I love the way David and Jason are together on their YouTube Channel's so when I first heard that they had a podcast I loved it because I love how they are on their YouTube that I knew I was going to love this podcast.


4. Just A Tip With Megan Batoon.


I came across Megan Batoon when she did a collaboration with Shane Dawson. And ever since then I've been obsessed with her, her accent is incredible and I love her home renovation videos which relates back to the podcast in itself! Megan Batoon has a YouTube channel if you want to watch her videos and see a different side to her. 


5. Don't Mess With Christine Sydelko.


I absolutely love this podcast when I listen to this because it's absolutely hilarious. Christine has such an amazing humour and the guests that she has on the podcast are often different personalities and it works in a strange way. Ever since I first saw Christine on Vine I've loved her personality ever since. If you don't have Spotify you can listen to the podcast here.


I can't explain much more about these podcast's however if you are a podcast lover - please check them out. If you have any other suggestions for podcasts based off the ones I like that you've read from the above. Please mention them in the comments! 


Lots of Love, Ellie x 


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