Ten Places I Can't Wait To Visit

June 24, 2018

I love reading post's like this - both to nosey at where people's dream places are to visit, but also for the people who are looking for holiday inspo! Here's the ten places I can't wait to visit... I have been to some of these places on this list - however they are included purely because I want to revisit and explore way more...


1. Santorini (Greece)


2. Mykonos (Greece)


3. Rhodes (Greece)


4. Los Angeles (United States of America)


5. Sydney (Australia)


6. Barcelona (Spain)


7. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


8. Paris (France)


9. Budapest (Hungary)


10. Bali (Indonesia) 


Thanks for reading! I hope if you were looking for Holiday inspiration I gave you some - I know many of the places are very generic but I wanted to include them as they are on my bucket list.


I hope to see you soon with new travel content.


Lots of Love, Ellie xx


I do not own any rights for any of the images within this post - all found on Pinterest. See links below.



Imagery all found on Pinterest : My Travel Board


My Last Travel Post : The City That Never Sleeps - NYC | Ellie Louise Hirst


Inspo For This Post :  The Guardian | Summer Getaways 2018



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