Why It's Okay To Take A Break

June 19, 2018

I recently broke up for summer for university and took a break. This is a post to talk about why it's okay to take a break. I wanted to write this post as I feel guilty for taking breaks and want to break down the stigma of this.


Life is full on. Very full on. From a young age it's okay time to learn how to crawl, walk, speak, have fun, education, fun summer, education, fun summer and you guessed it education. If you follow the life pattern of many children in this country. You rarely get time to stop and think about where you currently are and appreciate it. 


I wanted to speak a little about my back story to give this post more texture and context. I have grown up surrounding an amazing family, amazing friends and I would say i've never been in a 'bad friendship group' where I get mislead and do the wrong thing. Thankfully. and I appreciate it a lot. I did what many children do, I was born into a wonderful family I did the usual baby things - I learnt to crawl, I learnt to walk, I learnt to speak, Had many hospital trips with accidents and hearing problems and most importantly I had SO much fun ! I went into education and I learnt, I learnt how to write, draw, speak another language, looked into the history before me and so much more. I am very privileged to have a childhood like this many children don't grow up with a happy healthy family and get the chance to be educated. I am so thankful for that. I have been through education in a standard and privileged way. I went to a public primary school and a public high school and like I previously said I had so much fun, probably too much fun. I learnt how to be myself, how to express myself, how to treat others. I started working for my dad at the age of fourteen, did all 16 if not more GCSES and then went onto A Levels and pursued two of my dream A Levels - Photography and Graphics. Also did English - but I have never been academic so it was never made for me. After achieving pretty god damn good grades throughout my education with two B's and the rest C's in GCSE's and then two B's and once C in A Level I went onto university which I never wanted to do really until I went to open days (Which I think I have spoken about on here before - all relevant posts will be linked at the end of this post). I had a job if not two throughout most of my education and not only educated myself academically but also socially. My childhood was THE best. If you are reading this as one of my friends I'm sure you'd agree. 


Many of us feel stress and get overwhelmed not because we’re taking on too much, but because we’re taking on too little of what really strengthens us. – Marcus Buckingham


I think thats it for the babble that gives this post more 'texture and context'. I went to University and had a pretty shitty first year and thats probably an understatement. I have spoken about this on my site before in this post but First Year of University was hard and maybe after my third year I will do a round up of my time at University. But I had a pretty hard First Year and when I came home for summer I threw myself into working with my dad basically full time - I was working hard and rarely had time to myself to sit back and prioritise certain things and take care of myself. I spent the full summer working my butt off in work basically every day and after a shitty stressful first year it took it all out of me. But by the time I wanted a break it was back off to second year. I went back in a much better head space but I was exhausted. I worked all year at University through all the stress and heart break, went into summer working my butt off and then went back to University working my arse off again - stupid hour finishes with my course being full on. And we get to now... Off for summer before my third year. What did I realise when I finished my second year? I NEEDED A BREAK. My body was and is still exhausted. I'm here trying to slowly slow myself down and not work as much but juggling this blog, my family and friends and basically three jobs. It's hard. Yo gal needs a holiday.


After working so much education and socially wise for the last two years my body and mind is starting to appreciate the breaks I have. Whether thats a lie in till 10am or a day off at the weekend. It's made me realise. It is okay to take a break. I feel so guilty when I take a break especially when it's to do with work or my blog but after so much stress it's made me realise - if I don't take a break when I can - I will go downhill because I'm not taking correct care of myself. 


Fear makes us feel our humanity. – Benjamin Disraeli


If you take one thing from this post it's - you will KNOW when your body needs a break. Sit back and listen to it no matter how hard it is. Life goes so fast, once in a while please sit back and appreciate what it throws at you but also take care of yourself and take a break when your body needs it. You don't need to feel guilty, your body is carrying you through all the good and bad times give it some appreciation and appreciate it!



If you are feeling overwhelmed try these steps to help you through it: Stop and take a breather, Temporarily reprioritise, Let go of your irrational fears, Get some rest, Take care of your body and lastly, Laugh. If you are feeling stressed right now and need a break - grab your pet, or loved one and just cuddle them, or watch a film, read a book. Something to give yourself a break from the busy-ness that life is. 


"Changing our mindset is difficult, and changing our mindset during high-stress seems impossible. However, managing stress effectively is not impossible – it just takes practice. Unfortunately, the only way to practice managing high-stress is through experiencing high-stress"


And remember,

Rest gives you focus

Rest makes you more productive

Rest restores your soul


Please don't feel guilty for giving yourself the break you deserve.


Lots of Love, Ellie x



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