20 Things I Learnt Before 20

June 17, 2018

I recently turned 20 so I thought how fitting to write one of these posts. I often see these posts on my feed and love reading them so I thought - why not write my own. I have written a post similar to this before which you can read here and I think those five things apply to this post also. Anyway - I hope you enjoy! Here are Twenty things I've learnt before turning the big two zero.


1. Drinking is overrated.


I didn't think I would ever say this after the amount I drank in first year in University, but since turning 20 and even before then by a couple of months I realised that you don't have to have 5 VK's in your system to have fun with your pals. If anything you'd just feel worse in the morning than you ever have.


2. Travel as much as you can.


This isn't the one that I have implemented just yet as I need to get the money to travel in the first place. But growing up with having the pleasure to go on holiday once a year - since being at University i've missed it. So this is what I want to take forward into my twenties. Travel! Travel! Travel!


3. Be happy in your own space.


I think this is the most important piece of information I've learnt within the past two years. To be happy in my own space, my own flat or room in my family home - enjoying time with myself (which I don't have a lot of due to work - but you know).


4. Care for everyone around you.


But not at the cost of your own mental health. This is the TOP piece of information i've learnt over the past two years. Care for everyone around you - but don't forget about yourself. They are important but as are you.


5. Long distance relationships are 100% doable.


When I was younger I would have never thought long distance relationships are possible because how can you love someone so far away? But here I am years later in one myself. And I can confirm over a year on... They are doable if you care enough - but I can do a post about that at another time.


6. Your heart won't be broken forever.


I mentioned this in my previous post similar to this. But if you are sat moping about the broken heart you have right now will never heal I'm here to tell you that it will. Give yourself time, love and care and you will move onto bigger and better.


7. Be true to yourself.


Be true to you, you are you, you are your own, no-one else is you. Just be whole heartedly yourself and stay true. You'll thank yourself in the future.


8. People will leave.


People will leave your life, people will walk in. But always remember the people who truly care will walk in and never leave no matter what. Just remember that.


9. You are NOT Alone.


You are not alone, nobodies lives are perfect - no one is perfect. Remember that whatever you are going through, someone will be out there who understands and will be there to support you through the ups and downs.


10. Never give up.


Things will get better. It may take a while, but never give up. (as cliche as it sounds).



11. Not everyone will like you...


Stop trying to impress every single person you walk past in the street no matter how hard it seems (I still do it). I'm one for trying to make everyone around me happy and be civil with every person you meet no matter how much they may not be a nice person and it can be exhausting... So maybe you reading this may be the same as me and remember not everyone will like us!


12. Don't take any day for granted.


This is self explanatory. But live every day you have on this planet like its your last. Don't take any day for granted.


13. Step outside your comfort zone!


This one does what it says on the tin. That little comfort zone you are sitting in, stand out of it. Try different things; try different styles, try different food, speak to people, smile to that randomer in the street. STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!


14. Dreams require sacrifices.


If you have to miss a day with your best friend to go to that job interview, or miss a days pay to go to an event or anything. Just remember those dreams you have of your future require sacrifices to get there!


15. Don't compare yourself!


One that I haven't got the hang of just yet. But that Instagram model you are looking at thinking '#goals' they've probably been in the exact same position. Everyone has their own goals but never take your body or personality for granted because you want to look like another person. Thank you and your body for getting you to where you are now.


16. Everything takes time...


This is very self explanatory...


17. Stop being jealous.


This is very similar to point number 15. Stop being jealous - be you. be your own. People will love you more for that.


18. you will get rejected.


You may get rejected from that guy you like, or that job interview or more. But remember when you come out - it wasn't meant to be and there will be more opportunities and more fun ahead.


19. Love.


Love unconditionally. Love yourself, Love your family, Love your pooches, Love your other half, Love the planet. Love everything unconditionally - you only get one life.


20. You don't have to have it all figured out. 



That's all for today then folks. If you are reading over or under Twenty comment one thing you've learnt throughout your life so far! See you very soon!




Ellie x


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