University Is Over...

June 3, 2018

For second year that is.


So I am officially back on the wagon for blog posts and hopefully this gorgeous weather holds up for some fashion shoots. With it being Mental Health Awareness Week a few weeks ago I really wanted to speak about it, even if it's not as personal as some of the other posts I've done about it which I will link at the end also. I wanted to speak about the last brief I did at University, which was focused on Mental Health. If you aren't interested in Graphics - Then catch up on the other posts I have on here.

Our brief was called present futures and we had to think / research and create an exhibition and catalogue about any given topic - which was where I picked mental health. I chose mental health as what it was like, what it is like now and where it could possibly be in the future is very exciting. With a topic so dear to my heart - it was a perfect fit. I did lots of research into many different articles, different opinions and much more and created a large amount of research which formed sketches which formed development and then formed the final items. and I have to say. I loved what I created. With it being so close to my heart and so important to me - it really meant the world to approach it correctly without being rude or close minded. I created three alternative wall panels, four posters and an exhibition catalogue. The exhibition catalogue was by far my favourite as it had a lot of effort, sweat and tears into it - so when it was finished I was so proud of it. It included articles surrounding Mental Health within Architecture, Society, Environment and Technology - and the ways it can be improved and made better over the next few years. 


I won't go into much more detail as I wanted to just speak about what I did and where I am now. You can see my portfolio here if you are looking for any graphic design needs this summer. The first year of university was an absolute mess for me and I am so happy and over the moon to be going into third year in a much happier place with life and uni. I really turned everything around for myself within Second Year so finishing off with such an important brief to me both content and what I created. I am ready to come back after finishing a very stressful year.


First year of University like I said was very hard I worked my butt off all summer and went into Second Year much happier and gave Uni and this blog so much of my time and I am so happy about it all. I've had a little break from blogging - but I am back for a while ( I hope anyway, always hard to write / pre write when I have so much on)


But I really enjoy blogging and can't wait for all this new content. I hope you are too!


Lots of Love, 


Ellie xx


Anxiety | Ellie Louise Hirst

World Mental Health Day | Ellie Louise Hirst



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