Can You Call Blogging Work?

May 1, 2018

I wanted to start speaking about topics like this on the blog, more opinionated and questionable posts - but it's a post I always get asked about and so on. If you have any other posts you'd like me to write about - please go ahead and contact me on my socials.


Back to the topic of this post, can you call blogging work? By the end of this post i'll have explained to you reasons for this title. Yes you can call blogging work. No matter how big or 'small' you are. I'm sure everyones opinions for this is completely different - and thats okay. Everyone has the right to have an opinion and a viewpoint on certain things. 

I know everybody is different, its like the whole debate of are online influencers celebritites because yes they fall into the category of that, but will they want to be classified as that? Maybe not. So it's a similar topic, some people will call blogging work and others won't - small or big. I know I class it as work. With me studying a full time course of Graphic Design at University I also want to keep my blog as a high priority. So I call it work as it earns the time which I put into it. Yes my blog is not my income, I don't earn anything from it right now but I still call it work.


My main focus right now is of course graduating University with an incredible grade, but this blog is 'second best'. It's important to me, I love writing for it, Taking photos for it and so much more. It's my little baby. But not my only child right now.

Blogging isn't always as simple as people think it is, it's not just writing a post and clicking publish. It's researching, testing products, emails, taking photos, editing photos and SO much more. I think we all wish it was as simple as people say it is, like - writing and publish. It's like saying a photographer just takes photos. NO. What about finding the shoot locations, pricing, emails, editing and so much more. There is so much more behind jobs so don't criticise before you've been there. 


My opinion on this debate like I originally said is yes blogging is work regardless of you earning money or not, if you are working on publishing content, taking images and SO much more - then yes it is work. If you don't want to call it work? Then no it isn't.


If you are on the debate of blogging isn't work? Then why? Why isn't it... Please explain in the comments.


See you soon, 


Ellie x 




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