Obsession | Hit or Miss?

April 22, 2018

I popped into boots the other day and I saw the Obsession stand with a 'New' banner on the top and it immediately drew me to it. Here's what I bought... Marble / Black / Rose Gold packaging draws me in without even swatching or looking at the product - I'm hooked with the colour scheme. (don't like some of the typography but that's me being a type snob).

Liquid Lip Kit (dominatrix) - This shade is a dark brown colour it's beautiful. When swatching it, it took a while to dry down but it did eventually - so bare this in mind. The liquid lip and liner are both incredibly smooth and incredibly pigmented. I can't wait to use them when I next do my makeup. Hopefully these will become integrated into my most days makeup routine.

Concealer (in the shade light) -I love the applicator of this product, it's incredibly soft and pretty pigmented when swatched, quite light colour wise... it's a twist up product but it didn't take long to twist up to get the product up.

Highlighter (ice) - This highlighter looked incredibly blinding through the swatch but was very chunky with glitter, so i'll have to see how this looks when it's applied on my face.

Brow Powder (Ebony) - i haven't used this product yet but by the swatch it looks incredibly pigmented, soft and easy to use. I can't wait to try this out when I next do my makeup.

Brow Pommade (Dark Brown) - This looks incredibly similar to the abh brow pomade which I love and use daily. Which i'll be incredibly happy for if it is due to the price comparison. The brush that came with it also appears very firm which I much prefer. I prefer a 'harder' more dense brow brush as it takes away the mess of clearing your brows up too much.

I can't wait to use some of these products in my makeup routine, they look incredibly good and nice/easy to use. The price's to me also are incredibly ideal - much cheaper than other products I have in my routine that could be replaced. If you see these on the blog from now on and i'm raving about them - it's clear that they have been incredibly good. If not, you know they have been 'lost' in the makeup storage.


Overall - The products are definitely a hit, especially since using the products in my makeup routine since buying them, they are incredible especially for the price! 


Love, Ellie x 



Obsession liquid lip



Brow Powder

Brow Pomade

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