My Opinion On Influencers

April 17, 2018

I wanted to open up the topic of conversations on my blog about influencers. I wanted to bring my opinion's onto my blog more whether you agree with me or don't. I'm sure someone out there would agree with me. All images/blog posts used will all be linked within or at the end of the post. I hope you enjoy these posts.




You always have to think...what define's an influencer. The definition is 'Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand's message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.' So logically if you speak about what you love, what you bought, what you got sent, anything. You are logically an influencer? But are you really? I straddle the line of yes and no. Anyone can tell you what they like and what they don't and I think before the age of Blogging/YouTube and more, then yes everyone can be an influencer however due to the rise of social media - I think the goal post has risen. I think calling or classing yourself as an influencer is each to their own, if you think and want to call yourself one - go ahead, if you don't. Don't. It's like how big 'influencers' like Zoella for example doesn't like being called a celeb. Even though she fits into that 'title' doesn't mean that she lives by it.


Blogger or Instagrammer?


I spoke about this to some friends of mine the other day which is inspiring this post. The line between calling yourself a Blogger or Instagrammer. This is where the fine line with the media getting 'our' titles wrong. If you are an Instagrammer you post images / videos up to? You guessed it. Instagram. If you are a blogger, you write/post images etc on where? You guessed it. A blog. Blogging is hard and we should get the credit we deserve for doing it - writing blog posts, updating links, finding links, taking images, replying to emails and so much more. Instagramming is also hard, it's hard to get a good image and keep a good theme and so on. But we are different. Us bloggers have Instagram of course and keep it good - we have to network in some way. But there is a large difference between being an Instagrammer and a Blogger. If you do both - great have pride in saying you do both. But media outlets etc, just remember when you are speaking about a well followed Instagrammer calling her a 'Blogger' we aren't going to let it off easy. Social Media is incredibly popular and a hard job to work with/at/in. So appreciate us for what we all do. Not calling us that we aren't. 


We've All Been A Fan.


We've all been lusting over a certain someone - singer/blogger. I know even if you don't want to admit i'm pretty sure you will have been some time in your past. I know I was. I used to absolutely adore JLS for a period and Olly Murs for a long period of time and You Me At Six - If you are reading as a long term follower of mine. You will know this. We've all been a fan. But what you need to remember is most of these people are real people. They are just like you. A normal human being who has came to fame for some reason - so when you are running up to them, being in their face remember that they are human - they can't cope with people like that and hate it - just like you would. It's the same with taking pictures of them in establishments of guard and posting them all over your social media. The number one thing you have to remember as a fan is, would you like it? We've all been there i'm sure i've heard how Zoella was a big fan of certain people - even with her following she's still normal, still lovely, still human and still is a fan of things.




Overall, I love influencers 99% of them. If you are kind and don't act above of what you are and are genuine. I will like you, but if you are promoting fitness tea's which only make you poo so much you lose weight or lip plumping glosses after you've had lip fillers. I won't have respect for you. At all. If you are a truthful influencer - I will love and support you and everything you do. But one thing to remember as I sign off, just remember they are humans like you are and if you are an instagrammer... you aren't a blogger.


See you soon,


Love, Ellie x



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