The Naked Palette's | Hit or Miss?

April 8, 2018

The Naked Palettes, one of the first proper palette's I ever bought and my most loved in my collection that's not Morphe. Here's why...

Naked One - £39.50 Naked one is the newest Naked palette that I bought. I bought this as I loved and adored Naked Two and Three so much. If you love a neutral palette and don't mind spending a little more then the Naked palette is 100% for you. Urban Decay shadow's do live up to all that they are spoken about - they are incredibly smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. Urban Decay's formula is one of my favourite formula's due to the quality of them. For the price that you pay I think the palette's are wonderful and really want to buy the Naked Heat as the shades are so my type of shades.

Naked Two - £39.50 Naked Two is the second palette I bought, by the sounds of things I bought mine in reverse hah! The Naked palettes are all palettes that i've always loved and always go back to and use as much as I can. Like I said they are wonderfully pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. I used the shade Bootycall so much as a highlighter and shadow that it's all completely gone. The shades of Naked One and Two are very similar and if I was going to go for one if you like cool tones i'd go for the Naked Two but if you like warm tones i'd go for Naked One. They both have absolutely beautiful shades the main differences is one is warm toned and one is cool toned.

Naked Three - £39.50 Naked Three was the first Naked palette I bought. I bought it before my prom for my makeup as I wanted a pinky eye look to match my pinky nude dress and i'd heard so much about how amazing the Naked Palette was that it was one I really wanted to cave and buy. You can see how well loved this palette is, even though i've had it for well over three years it's not sensing any smell or texture of going off - it's got all the same colour payoff as it did when I first bought it. It will always be my first love and the one I always go back to because it was my first real palette.

These three palette's are three of the best in my collection - like i've said they are wonderfully pigmented, smooth and very easy to blend - if you don't own any in your collection and you are thinking of buying one - I really would. Urban Decay have wonderful shadows and wonderful palettes and if you don't have any in your collection - you need one!


Overall - definitely a hit!


See you soon!


Love, Ellie x



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