My Top Tips For Surviving University

April 10, 2018

I recently saw Beff upload a post very similar to this and it gave me inspo for this post. As i've moved away from home from University i've had my fair share of facts and dragging through the bushes within University. There are many things i've learnt at University including how to cook, how to wash and how to function as a human on my own - you will pick them up yourself but here's my top tips. I am close to finishing the Second Year of University studying Graphic Design and i've both loved and hated it - here's my top tips for surviving University. 


1. Split your washing up. Keep the dark/bright colours together and do them in one wash, keep all the white's in one wash. My rule is I simply put all the colours that aren't white in one wash and all the one's that are white in the other. I've not had many problems yet in two years with my washing and my clothes - this is because of this rule. If you live in student halls - washing is easy, shove your pod in clothes, eco wash and around 38 minutes later - you'll have perfectly washed clothing.


2. Enjoy your first year. First year is the year of creating friends, finding your place and finding yourself. At home or not at home. Enjoy yourself as much as possible, do your work, turn up on time - but also party and enjoy yourselves. Your first year grades don't matter as much as you first think, but they are important. They get you from first year to second year so you need to do well to do this. Live your life and create the best you - but also don't forget your studies.


3. Budget your money. I get how hard it is, trust me. But forget the £50 BeautyBay and ASOS order and the stupid amount on VK's three nights a week. You won't have any money for months on end and you'll be living off peas and rice for months. Like Beff also said, they are many app's which can help you save/budget and depending on which bank you are with - they could also help you too. If you are really struggling to budget and don't want to speak to your parents about it 


4. Self Care. Self care is incredibly important, University is the best time of your life and I can rightfully say this however it is very stressful. If you catch yourself falling behind - speak to your tutors. If you find your mental health lacking - speak to someone, anyone. Universities usually have amazing student services and University tutor's and they'll be able to point you to somewhere to help you. 


5. Eat well. University is often hard to eat well as you want to save the money for night's out and not on food. But University keeps you up late and wakes you up early, so you have to have some good food in you to tolerate it all. It's easy to eat both healthy and unhealthy - a balanced meal is the best way forward. Carbs, Veg and Meat/Meat substitute. Food will up your energy which in tail will give you a positive mindset, keep you fuller for longer and more.


6. Take Photos. When you're drunk in a club and you have a photographer come up to you - whether you remember it or forget it. GET THE PHOTO TAKEN! You may look dreadful, eyes be pointing both ways, boob out or zipper un done - but it's all part of the memories. It's all part of University. Something to laugh about and something to bring you all together as pals.


7. Travel. Travelling is expensive and I haven't travelled as much since being at University, as my holiday's are never the same as my parents or I have too much work to do within those holidays however I did travel to New York with University and it was amazing and was incredibly well priced for the days we were there - There's a post about it here. But this summer and next year I want to travel way more!


8. Make Lists. I write lists every time I do work as it keeps me on track about what I have and haven't done. Especially a couple of days before deadline there is many lists within sheets of A4 paper which includes all I have done, haven't done and so much more. List's keep me on track of what i'm doing and still need to do.


9. Set Goals. Set Goals, one's which are achievable. I always feel there is no point in setting goal's if you'll never achieve them. Make them realistic and easy to follow. 


10. Enjoy it.


If you are wanting a post on my favourite university meals and favourite places to eat - please comment and I will definitely write a post about it. I will also write about more university related posts if you would like to see posts like this on my site. I hope you enjoyed and thanks to Beff for this inspo.


See you soon, 


Love Ellie x 

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