Lincoln University Room Tour 2018

April 1, 2018

Welcome to my University Room! If you know where I live please don't plaster it all over the comments, if you have me on social media you will probably know but just don't be that one person and plaster it everywhere - thank you my lovelies! I am in my second year at Lincoln University living in Student Halls, if you are thinking of coming to Lincoln Uni and you have questions - you can drop me a DM on Twitter and i'll answer any of your questions! I will try and link the majority of what you see at the end of this post, if I forget something comment or DM me and i'll link you! Enjoy...

The entrance, when you walk in the bed's at the end of the room, toilet and wardrobe to the right and then on the left is three hooks for your coats bags etc and the mirror. You basically see the whole room when you open the door, both ideal and not ideal...  

On my hooks, I try to keep it to a minimum because I get annoyed over clutter (my boyfriend will understand this). So I have my Kanken which is my small uni bag, my Michael Kors cross body which I adore, then my bigger university bag. I then have my dressing gown and two cardigans on the second hook. Then last but not least on the third hook I have my brown 'suede' jacket, my leather jacket and my denim jacket. 

On the top of my wardrobe I have the trainers I don't wear much, the ones I don't often reach for because literally I can't reach up there without standing on my chair... Then just the plain white door for the bathroom, i'm incredibly glad there is a differentiation between the wall and wardrobe or i'd just forget what door to the bathroom is... 

The first thing you see when you walk into my bathroom is my two sets of towels and the entrance to my shower. Yes two sets of towels, more towels longer use of the towels. If you are coming to university you will be incredibly thankful if you have more than one set of towels.  I just have them on a hanging door hook with four hooks with bobbles holding them up.

The bathroom is white/black/silver which I love because yeah it can be a nightmare to clean (I find the antibacterial wipes are the best) but it's kinda aesthetically pleasing. Single shower with not the best water or pressure, but there is a lot of people in Hall's so I understand, plus I come from home using Yorkshire water and it is the best water, Yorkshire people will understand.

I just have a mini bin, drawers with all the spare items, a staircase of toilet roll because it's more aesthetically pleasing than just the two. I have all my hair bobbles and necklaces and so on on the hook beside the mirror as it's where I mainly shove my hair up before uni on a usual day.

I have a pin board/white board with my uni schedule on and healthy reminders of me not forgetting things. My set of drawers, toilet ofc, cleaning products and that's about it. Don't really know what more to say about the least interesting part in the room.

My soap dispenser, face cloth / soap holder and the pot of toothbrush, toothpaste, razor etc... all the things you expect to see in a bathroom. The nicer they are the more they will either get ruined or get millions of compliments about. The past two years i've had these and people loved the ducks at the bottom aha.

Around my mirror (which is very nearly full length) I just have bunting placed around it with copper fairy lights around it. This part of my room is incredibly dark at night so the more lights the better.

My favourite place, I've always been one that has to have an organised and well thought out space to work in. It needs to be me in a space and cosy. The one thing which has helped me through uni is the pin boards which you can add your hint to the place to make it feel more homely with pictures and all things that make you happy. This pin board includes creative things, happy memories and more. I want it to reflect me whole heartedly. 

My desk includes, creative things, makeup things and all the bits in-between which make me incredibly happy. When my desk is unorganised, it leads to me being unorganised... 

 A whole load of typography, makeup, soppy quotes and cute pictures.

These shelves are nice apart from the goddamn yellow backdrop. I have all my books, jewellery, more used books and all my pens (well not all). These shelves are just the 'pretty' 'unpractical' parts of my room which just make my room mine.

Makeup Station which you will have seen if you've seen my Makeup Collection. This part is one of my happy parts of my desk with it being one of my favourite things to do.

As you can see the desk is pretty goddamn spacious with comparison to my 15" mac and massive amounts of makeup and more...

My bed - the best place ever now I have my thick massive memory foam topper which makes the crash mat comfortable. Because no, it was not comfortable before... 

The bottom of my bed storage, my electrical's box, my washing basket and my suitcase. It's an awkward space to utilise so this is the best thing i've found because if I had nothing there it would be a dumping ground but now I have thing's there it keeps it kind of organised. 

I then have some waterfall lights at the end of the bed which makes my room so homely and comfy which I adore looking at late at night when it's all dark. They bring so much light to the room as well when the lights are off however they aren't the bright white bulbs - they are the in-between. 


I hope you enjoyed looking at my university room - I hope it helps. Yes, the bed's do have under bed storage if you are wondering where does all the 'crap' go. Yes there's plenty of space under the bed! If you have any questions please DM me or comment on this post!


Love, Ellie x 



Kanken Bag

Michael Kors Crossbody


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Phone Case 

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