Natural Collection | Hit or Miss?

April 15, 2018

I decided to go ahead and buy a couple of Natural Collection products. They are incredibly cheap, my mum loves their mascara's and I used to love them when I was younger. So I picked up four items which I thought I could implement these into my everyday use and maybe fall in love with them...

The primer feels incredibly soft and has a really nice glow to it - so i'm incredibly excited to try it. It felt beautiful on my arm and I can't wait to try it on my face! 


Review - When I first wrote this post a couple of weeks back, before I posted it I wanted to try out the products - to give my full opinion. The primer is incredibly glowy and it's lovely under makeup however I use it more for something to give me glow before foundation however it doesn't smooth out my skin or fill in my pores - so I mainly use it for the glow. However I would 100% buy it again for that reason.


The tinted moisturiser looks incredibly light weight, which I expected and is slightly dark/orange for the lightest shade but it may be just the swatch, but we shall see...


Review - Like i said it's incredibly light weight and doesn't cover much of my scarring so it's not one for me, i wanted to love it. however with me having a bit of scarring from acne i prefer bases with more coverage so it hides the redness more. Also it's the complete opposite shade for me, it's way too dark for my skin tone as you can tell from the swatch.


The concealer feels really nice it's a decent amount of coverage for the price, I'll have to try these products and give you a review later on if they become a favourite. It didn't have a strong smell - which I love. I don't really enjoy strong smelling products.


Review - The coverage is medium coverage however it's just slightly too dark for me once again. I much prefer a lighter colour under my eyes as I prefer a highlighted look and this product doesn't give me this. Like I said, it has medium coverage so it just covers my under eye bags but just slightly too dark for the look I like.


The liner is pretty easy to use and similar to the NYX brush just slightly longer however when you layer it up it can go a little streaky, so you kind of have to air with caution.


Review - The liner can create both a very thick and thin line, it's more flexible than the NYX brush so it's slightly harder to tame. It also is slightly streaky - if you are good at liner you will be able to use this brush like no tomorrow but if you find it harder to do liner - then I would steer away from this liner. It also can be hard to work with due to it's streakiness but if you have patience and can get past it - it's a great product.


I am incredibly excited to try out more Natural Collection products due to the price point and I have found some favourites will be in my daily makeup routine/when I do wear makeup. They do have some lovely products and they like I said have an amazing price point and they do the job. I think if you are a young child looking for some basic every day makeup I would highly recommend this brand, however if you are a little more experienced in makeup I would highly recommend the products and use your usual alternatives for the other products. Also, their shade range's I think if you are pale I would stay away from the base products because i'm not the palest and it is still way too dark on me. 


Overall - i'd say it's a hit, if you can work with the products and spend some time on them! 


See you soon,


Love, Ellie x 




Tinted Moisturiser



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