My Playlist's So Far

March 29, 2018

Listening to music I'm doing if i'm not watching Netflix or YouTube, even when i'm on a train with only 20% battery i'll still be listening to music. So here's a few of my own personal playlists that I always play, if you like the sound of them go ahead and follow them on your Spotify, you can follow mine here!


1 - 'Sad;' - This is the playlist I play when i'm in one of them sad mood's and play sad music to no doubt make me cry, ay getting tears out helps imma right? But no this is the playlist of the song's I find saddest and just catch me in the feels. 


2 - 'Generic Pop Punk' - What it says in the title, Generic Pop Punk. A playlist full of all the songs surrounding pop punk, a playlist that was played a lot before propaganda in first year of university.


3 - 'Golden Oldies' - It is what it says on the tin if you love all the oldies music from a while ago then you'll adore this playlist. It's one I put on when i'm bored and want something to dance along to that's not from the charts right now.


4 - 'Car Jams' - I started a series through the summer where whenever I drove I basically created a playlist for each driving event because after a few I got bored and then made another. It was the nicest thing having something different to listen to rather than same old same old.


5 - 'Jams 2.0' - This is 2.0 of the driving playlists however it turned out that I wasn't just listening to these playlists when driving so they came into jams in general and I play them all the time. There's a large range of different songs on here from all different genres of music.


6 - 'Jams 3.0' - This is 3.0 of this series which again includes the lot, all the genre's and all the jam's for that period of time that I was listening / enjoying the most and so on. 


7 - 'Jams 4.0' - This 4.0 of this series which was around halloween time hence the picture, it included bits of everything halloween and standard jams.


8 - 'Jams 5.0' - This is the newest playlist that i've been putting together and loving the most. When creating a playlist I want it to be all the songs i'm listening to and loving at this moment in time and what I can listen to for hours on end and not get bored.


I have many of other playlist's on my Spotify public which you can also go ahead and listen to, these are just some of my favourites for this moment in time / in the past months / year. So if these don't take your fancy, you could also check my profile for others or look at Zoella's Spotify I adore her playlists, same with Joe Sugg.


Love, Ellie x



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