Five Things I'd Tell My Past Self

March 27, 2018

I've read many of these posts and it's always been a post i've always wanted to write, so here it is.


1. Your heart won't be broken forever. You will move on and find much bigger and better.

2. It's hard at the moment, but be true to yourself and you will get through it.


3. Your Art is your art. You are your own, you are you, don't change your art to be liked.


4. People will leave you, but you'll find better. Much better.

5. Don't care ''as much'' as you do. It will only get you hurt in the long run. 

These are thing's I'm learning now and wish I knew when I was younger, I wish I knew them then as I would be a different person now. I suppose that's just the essence of growing up hey.


Love, Ellie x 


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