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March 18, 2018

I popped into boots the other day to pick up some items which I had ran out and some bits which I have been meaning to try for a long while now. It was three for two how could I not?? Three Rimmel items and three L'Oreal items. I picked up two foundations, two concealers, powder and mascara.


Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation - I absolutely adore the 25 hour normal lasting finish foundation so when I saw that they had released this product I was incredibly happy and couldn't wait to try it out. I used it the other day and it has a similar coverage to the normal one however is a thinner texture and a little more runny. However with it's applicator it makes it much easier because you're not pumping it onto your face and it dripping everywhere you can just swipe with the applicator. I both love and hate the applicator because i'm always worried about bacteria on it if you have active/fresh spots but you can just swipe it onto your brush / beauty blender when you need to. I found it really easy to build up and get a fuller coverage, it's naturally medium and covered most of my redness however I just took a few swipes over my problem areas and it built up really nicely. I highly recommend this product and shall be using it.


Insta Fix & Matte - I have been using this powder since falling out with stay matte and it's purely for it's 'lightness' I always found that stay matte didn't keep my under eyes lighter and just kind of made my whole face look darker, so baking with this powder keeps the foundation true to it's colour. It also keeps me matte for the day that's all I want light under eyes and matte all day. I use it with a beauty blender and press it into my skin and brush it off with a powder brush, I took pressing powder actually into your skin from Patrick Star I just always find when I powdered with a brush it just disturbed my foundation however using a beauty blender takes this problem away.


Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer - I used this concealer before I used the foundation and it's safe to say it's up there being one of my favourite concealers, it's not incredibly light for being the lightest shade however it does back a punch with it's coverage, it's a really nice coverage and consistency, I don't blend in with the sponge tip however I blend it in with my beauty blender. I have seen people blend it in with the sponge and it just looks so hard due to it's size and it's incredibly dense. It's not soft at all. But I just use it to dot the foundation on my problem areas / under eyes. But, I highly recommend the product and think it's incredible.


Paradise Mascara - I went from using They're Real by Benefit to this mascara, I loved They're Real however I just couldn't afford the price every time it dried up because I couldn't last till a birthday or Christmas. So I bought this mascara a couple of weeks after it was released and this is my second tube. It's incredible, really lengthening and gets onto every single lash. I think it's an incredible product for it's price and will definitely use it till the next incredible mascara comes along. If you are looking to buy a new mascara and don't want to break the bank pop to boots and pick it up! I've heard it's a dupe for Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara also!


True Match Concealer - I haven't used this concealer or range before so when I saw the range I thought hey I love concealer so why not try another one? If you don't like scented products this is NOT for you, it has an incredibly strong bad smell so much so it made my eyes water however the coverage and the way it blends out is beautiful. I'm not sure if I will carry on using this because even though I love the consistency and coverage I'm really not sure if I can get past the smell?. Please tell me i'm not the only one that thinks this about this product, please give feedback if you've used it in the comments!


Infallible Stick Foundation - When i'm writing this post I haven't yet used this product so I may have to follow up with a review but i've heard both good and bad reviews about this product and i'm also incredibly confused about the spelling on the product? It's 'supposed' to be Infallible however on the packaging it said Infaillible? Supposed to be a pun or a bad spelling mistake for a huge brand? I'm really not sure. I'm sure if it was a spelling mistake it would have been noted by now, taken off the shelves and packaging changed? Please say if you know anything about it!




Ellie x


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