Being Pescatarian

March 26, 2018

I wanted to write a post about my 'journey' / experience with being vegetarian then transitioning into pescatarian-ism (if that is even a word).

I turned vegetarian in college after one night watching cowspiracy and hearing about the damage to the environment because of agriculture. When I came home from college going 'Mum i'm vegetarian' and they she looked at me like 'are you kidding girl, you are picky as it is how are you going to do it' and I just went 'I don't know' my dad looked at me and went 'Ellie you don't eat veg this isn't going to work'. But I stuck at it, I didn't want to disappoint myself so I stuck to it. Didn't eat any meat or sweets including gelatine and more. Cowspiracy is of course talking about Veganism however I am way too obsessed with dairy to even think about that right now - maybe after i've graduated but right now I need milk and cheese in my life. I lived eating pasta, Quorn, beans and items like this. I didn't even really eat meat before during veggie as I didn't really enjoy meat, I enjoyed chicken however other meats/red meats I would happily pass on. Everyone used to say to me 'But what about a delicious steak', hun I would rather vom than eat that.

My meals before uni, growing up always included a meat item, potato item and some veg. So when I turned vegetarian what would be different all I would do was substitute the meat with Quorn and the other item's would of course stay the same. So it wasn't too hard for me, I never really got craving's for meat or missed it whatsoever. Quorn is a really nice substitution, well some of them. The chicken is really good, the sausages are good, the sausage rolls are amazing, cocktail sausages are amazing. I haven't really tried more and more however I love the food items. So when I got to university my meals were of course Quorn and potatoes and beans and so on a kind of average meal to be honest. My mum then started to worry that I wasn't getting my nutrients so was telling me to introduce some Fish into my diet. I don't really eat many fish anyway so I only eat basically Fish Fingers and canned tuna now within my rest of 'vegetarian' diet.


I wanted to write this post not to preach or not shove 'my way of living' down your throat. I wanted to write this in aid of people always saying that you don't love animals if you eat them, it's completely false. I know my friend Bethan did a blog post about 'Why it's okay to eat meat and still love animals'.

And I completely agree with most of the comments Bethan mentioned in her post. Vegan or Vegetarian living for some people can not be suitable. Like Bethan said she's anaemic so she would have serious problems if she didn't eat red meat. I know that of course some people can manage a Vegan/Vegetarian life with lots of vitamins and supplements however that's just not an ideal life living with hundreds of pills, I'd rather substitute it with other foods rather than pills. I mean one day this will happen. They are already building burgers from micro organisms so. 

There are many different arguments to do with fur / leather and it's a very slippery slope with it's opinions and yeah of course I don't agree with the idea of killing animals for the fur however if the animal has already been killed for meat - it's 'a waste'. It's very controversial and I don't want to have any arguments in the comments coming for me. I do have a few leather bags and they were expensive and purchases I've always wanted and loved. It's a slippery slope, a very slippery slope.


I'm going to leave this one here before all the rude comments start to do with fur and leather. But i'm going to leave a list of blog posts of both eating meat and loving animals and veganism and so much more.


I hope you enjoy,


Ellie x 


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