Mothers Day 2018

March 11, 2018

Happy Mother's Day to my Mother and all mothers out there reading this post. Mothers to an animal, human or whoever you deem to be a mother to. Happy Mother's Day. Today's post is a nod to my mother. A post i've always wanted to write so today's the day and what better occasion to introduce you to my amazing Mother. 


To my amazing mum, Sharon. Thank you for being the best mother I could have ever wished for, the best mum I will ever have. We may have arguments every single time we see each other but I think it's taken me 19 years to realise that we argue so much because we are so alike. You may think because i'm a daddies girl and am best friends with dad, doesn't mean I don't love you too. I love you both equally the only difference is dad is more a best friend than a 'dad'. Where as you are the more sensible 'mum' that I need in my life.


Thank you for teaching me how to sow.

Thank you for teaching me to be me.

Thank you for always believing in me. 

Thank you for always supporting me no matter how big or small my dreams are.

Thank you for passing down your OCD and your desire to put everyone before yourself. Think that for you has changed massively in the past so many months.

Thank you for everything.


I have had so many amazing memories which you have planned, you have thought out and put every inch of passion in what we do. I'll never forget my eighteenth birthday where you surprised me with my dream holiday with a mix of seeing my favourite place aka Barcelona and having the rest of the week being a relaxing family holiday in La Pineda. It was probably my favourite holiday I've ever been on because it was a nod to your 50th, my 18th and your wedding anniversary - and to say I don't really like surprises. That was the best one yet. 


The past 2 years has really made us and I thought it would break us. We have had some amazing success' together and some shitty shit downs. But we've pulled through them all as a family and we are standing here now stronger than anyone. I think the most important lesson we've learnt in these years is we all need to put ourselves first. We are more important than anyone else. The accident happened this year and I think it was the biggest shock for us all. Especially me having to ring 999. You have fallen down so many hills and fallen over so many times when I got the phone call from you on a shift at work with Dad with an unknown voice that I thought was my auntie but wasn't. Sent panic over me more than anyone in the room. My heart was racing when the woman said 'she's either broken her arm, or her neck, or her shoulder' and passed you on the phone with all I could hear being the people saying your name and screeching and heavy breathing. I drove the fastest I could from work to you, which then lead to a night in A&E. With surgery in the piping line, a broken humerus and a dislocated shoulder, a cancelled holiday. It broke my heart to see you not on holiday however when i'm writing this post you're having the holiday you deserve a couple of months delayed. Since then we have learnt many lessons about who's important to us and who isn't, who truly cares for us and who don't. 


Going through old images brought back so many amazing memories that you've either told me about or i've witnessed myself.


I never realised how much we both looked alike when I was younger, I've always been in denial and said I look like Dad. Seeing these photos has made me realise maybe I don't and maybe I look like you more than I first thought. We have the exact same nose as a child and facial shape and curly hair, the big difference is mine actually grew out and yours just stayed short. 


We both had the cheeky happy smile with big chubby cheeks.


Paris, ever since this holiday I have always wanted to go and some day I will go again and it will be the most amazing holiday i've ever had because apart from my 18th birthday holiday this is the one that stuck into my mind the most from being a child. 


I know, if your mum was here through my teen years to now i'm sure I would probably be a very different person. I'm very sad she didn't get to live my life with us both and see us be so incredibly alike even with my denial. I know I had some memories which i'll never forget with Grandma, I know she thought the world of me when I was little. Just as you do with me now, always have and always will. 


Thank you for all the amazing memories which i've shared throughout my short life so far, I cannot wait for so many more memories and many more laughs. 


As Dad mentioned in my birthday speech we wouldn't have these amazing memories we've shared without you because you were the one going through and planning them and we were the ones sat back being late laughing at your choice.


Another amazing memory I don't think me and dad will ever forget and I think it's one of the funniest 'Shazza moments' we've had. We were on a lazy river in La Pineda in a water park, i'd just hopped off mine to get mum onto hers whilst dad was behind me. You took a gigantic leap onto this donut and you went straight under with the donut onto of you. All I turned round to was you flapping your arms screaming how you were drowning you couldn't see. My automatic reaction was not to help you, but to look at dad and burst into tears laughing our heads off, lifeguards laughing her head off too. What you didn't know was all you needed to do was stand up in this 3ft of water and you wouldn't have been drowning. You then spent the rest of the day in a grump with us both for laughing at you and not helping you - until I fell and scuffed my knee and you were fine because you weren't the only one that had been hurt. 


From you visiting all the many universities with me and falling in love with Lincoln, to birthday surprises, to weddings, to prom wearing the most beautiful dress, to blurry holiday photos with smiles on our faces which radiate how amazing the holiday is/was. I think we both fell in love with Lincoln since seeing it in Christmas with the Christmas Markets and everything else surrounding it, I always love a birthday surprise for you because I love treating you as much as possible and I will never forget where you started watching a TV series which included an Oh Wonder song for the title sequence, I found it out and got tickets the next time they were near us and when I gave you them for Christmas you were like 'who's that' and I then explained and you were like 'ohh I understand' and had the best night dancing along to Oh Wonder, one of the first smaller gig's we've ever been to together - it was usually Olly Murs or JLS.


Thank you for taking me places that Dad couldn't because he works all hours god send. Thanks for taking me to meet Olly Murs at stupid hours in the morning in Sheffield and Manchester purely because I WANTED to. You didn't want me to go by myself on a train or a bus, you took me and my friends at whatever time I needed you to. Thanks for feeding an old addiction. Like I previously said Thank you for believing in me no matter how big or small my dream was whether that was passing my GCSES, passing my A Levels, Moving Out, Going to Uni and so many more. You've always believed in me through thick and thin. And lastly, thanks for feeding my musical obsession with Les Mis and Wicked and now The Greatest Showman and so many more. 


I think that's all I have to say for now. I love you to the moon and back Mum, thank you for everything you've done and continue to do every single day of your life from the day I was born until now. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know.


Love, Ellie xxx

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