Gucci Lust List

March 20, 2018

I always love looking at peoples designer wish lists so here's my Gucci Lust List. Gucci is up there on my top designers on the accessories/bag front and so on however not so much on the clothing front. For those of you who don't know what Gucci is, have you been living under a rock or? Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods, part of the Gucci Group, which is owned by the French holding company Kering. Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Here comes my Gucci Lust List, I hope you enjoy. One day (hopefully) when i'm super rich Gucci will be nothing for me and I won't have to treasure each spray of Gucci Bloom as much as I do now...


Bags - 

GG Marmont leather mini chain bag - £660

This bag is a really nice small bag that’s not too in your face Gucci it’s the perfect balance between showing it’s Gucci which you of course want to do at the price but not too bold and in your face.


GG Marmont quilted leather backpack - £1,130

Backpacks are such a beautiful style of bag however I’m always wary of them due to people stealing as the bag’s behind me so I won’t know what’s happening. However they are handy with ease of it being on both shoulders. I adore the style of quilting on this bag and the colour is perfect. 


GG Marmont matelassé mini bag - £715

I love this bag again due to it’s similarities to the backpack however it's a smaller version of that which is smaller and more convenient. Also, it's nice to have a cross body bag because it steers away from the not being able to see the bag behind you privacy problem.

Soho small leather disco bag - £805

This is a bag i've been wanting for about a year now, I love the simplicity of the design, it's an amazing size and I don't know what more to say. It's black so it goes with everything yet not too in your face.


Makeup/Fragrance - 

Gucci Bloom 100ml eau de parfum - £99

My signature scent before this was Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Calvin Klein One (the red bottle). And when this perfume was launched all I thought was it sounds PERFECT for me, till I went in store and saw the price of it. Until I got my first bottle just after Christmas as it was reduced and my mum and dad brought me one back from their holiday. And I have to say it is a beautiful smelling perfume, it’s floral but in a suitable adult form. 

Silk priming serum - £40

I’ve never tried any Gucci makeup and I’ve heard quite decent things about them, so this is just one from the site that I would love to try. 

Light 020, Matte Liquid Foundation - £43

This is again another I’ve never tried Gucci makeup and really want to purchase. I’ve heard a few things about Gucci makeup and a matte foundation for me sounds heavenly! Plus the packaging looks absolutely beautiful. 


Small Leathers - 


Gucci Print leather small portfolio - £495

This is the cutest little clutch style bag that shouts Gucci but not in a gross way. It's colour scheme is one of my top colour schemes with Gucci with the red green gold and black. It's a classic in the best way possible.

GG Marmont cosmetic case - £355

I love the patterns on this case with the standard quilted pattern however with the heart built into the centre of it, it just add's that extra part of detail. I also love the Double G, how can you not. Black as well, a classic colour way that is effortless throughout.

Leather card case with butterfly - £270

The butterfly and GG details on this piece of small leather / card case compliments it really well because even though the details are quite big on the small piece of leather it balances it out on a whole and doesn't look too 'full on' or 'busy'.

Leather zip around wallet with butterfly - £450

Same with this wallet the butterfly is quite big on the front of the wallet however it's not too overpowering and adds just enough detail to the front which isn't too overpowering or in your face, it balances itself out from leather to details.


Accessories - 

Gucci Print iPhone 7/8 Plus case - £135

A classic phone case which i've seen so many bloggers have on their phone and even though it's a very in your face bright colour I still look at it and think I would not mind having it on my phone whatsoever as I love it. The classic Gucci colours comparison to the bright pink suits each other in the nicest way.

Bee key ring - £225

Key ring's are an accessory which I always love having on my keys but slightly expensive for your keys however would suit much more on a bag for example to show it off as much as possible. The all gold detailed outline compliment each-other.

Queen Margaret key ring - £235

Key ring's again are an accessory which I love having on my keys however slightly expensive to be in the bottom of my bag and not be shown off on a bag for example. I love the extra detail on this one compared to the last with the 'diamonds' and colouring with the gold details. The colouring and the gold suit each other perfectly.

Snake key ring - £225

This key ring is silver which I don't normally go for however I love the comparison between the detail within the snake and the colouring of the metal I think it would have looked slightly strange in gold however the cold metal / silver works.


Belts - 

These are all very similar yet iconic belts. It's also played out in favourite order from the biggest with the GG logo and the crocodile leather GG logo and then the thinest smallest belt. For me if i'm paying so much for the belt I'd want it the bigger the better to have the statement within my clothing rather the thinnest, plus the thinnest would have a lot of space around my belt holes rather than having the bigger belt that fits in. But I would never deny any Gucci product on this list.

Leather belt with Double G buckle - £320

Crocodile belt with Double G buckle - £805

Leather belt with Double G buckle - £235


Jewellery -  

All these pieces of jewellery are all individually beautiful and incredibly intricate, the Scalloped edge on the studs just add to the detail rather than it being the plain GG. The rings look beautiful in two different ways, the detail in the stud yet also in the detail of the type for the 'blind for love' as the hand written type add's to the detail.

Double G yellow gold studs - £585

Le Marché des Merveilles ring - £1,940

"Blind For Love" ring in silver - £190


Clothing -

Striped merino cashmere knitted top - £690

I adore anything with stripes on so when I saw this I was like oh my gOD! yes this is me, especially with the gold and grey touches of the top. It's a boujee top but beaut regardless.

Sparkling swimsuit with Gucci logo - £290

This is another boujee purchase a swimsuit that Gucci, a GUCCI swimsuit yes, I think id prob wear it more as a bodysuit with a skirt so it gets more wear than a swimsuit in the UK.

Washed T-shirt with Gucci Logo - £340

An iconic t-shirt that everyone loves and wants and has. It's a top that everyone wants and i'm also on that list of wanting this shirt.


Shoes - 

Suede pump with removable Web bow - £535.

Graduation shoes? yea please! The shape of the heel and the heel shape is perfect and the detail of the bow is just such a nice touch to the shoe. Would not deny these shoe's for my graduation at all. 

Ace embroidered sneaker - £440

The shoes that everyone has which I also want. They look incredibly comfy and incredibly boujee and it upsets me because knowing me i'd wear them once and they would be ruined. Shoe's are meant to be worn though imma right?


Home Decor - 

These four pieces are incredibly boujee but when I was looking through the Gucci site I couldn't deny these. The wallpaper is absolutely beautiful and it's the number one reason why I love the Gucci Bloom packaging so much as it's the same print as the pink wallpaper. The trays, well they are incredibly expensive but just imagine them in the background of blog images? YES.

Herbarium print wallpaper (Black) - £130

Herbarium print wallpaper - £130

Flower print oval metal tray - £795

Kingsnake oval metal tray - £795


I hope you enjoyed this Gucci Lust List - maybe one day in the future I will be able to look back and be like 'yep got this got that', '#goals'. If you are looking for presents for people or yourself and you have the bigger budget, here you go!.


Love, Ellie x 

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