My Favourite Instagram Accounts

February 23, 2018

I wanted to speak about a couple of my favourite Instagram accounts. A lot of these accounts have a large following so don't really need the shout out, but it's more for the idea of if you readers don't follow them and they deserve a follow due to their content. If you don't follow any of these people, please do. They are all incredible and deserve all the success. I'm probably missing so many out, but these are a few of my favourites. 

1 - Buzzfeed Tasty. Of course, how could I not include this account whenever i'm bored I get onto this account and suddenly i'm not bored again. My boyfriend often looks at me when I'm on the account and is like 'you hungry' i'm just there like NO I BLOODY LOVE WATCHING THESE VIDEOS. I honestly get hooked on them and I could sit watching them for hours on end with no boredom whatsoever. I'm pretty sure you've seen one of these videos somewhere on your feed whether thats on Facebook or directly on Instagram and if you haven't... how??

2- Diply Crafts - Another account which I don't use the hacks however It's another one of them accounts that I get lost in and I can't help but watch minutes upon minutes of these videos which i'll probably never use. But love watching anyway, which doesn't make sense. But hey. Another account which if you haven't seen one of their videos how have you not?  

3 - Yolanda Gamp - Probably the best cake decorator i've ever seen. I mean it doesn't look like theres any editing in the images they are LEGIT and it amazes me every time she uploads a new cake because i'm like wait? that's a cake?? ITS A PENCIL. HOW. But yeah if you haven't seen her cake images they are incredible.

4 - So Yummy -  Another food account which I find myself watching whenever i'm bored or having nothing to do. They are incredibly addictive and I will watch and watch for minutes on end. Like i've said for the previous two, if you haven't already seen their videos on Facebook or Instagram, how haven't you? They're amazing, short and make me want to make all the crafts all the time. 

5 - Byron Langley - I first heard of him from Joe Sugg's vlogs as he's currently living with him. And I fell in love with his Insta feed since I first saw it. Even though most are selfies they are well lit and gorgeous coloured photos. A big fan.


6 - Alex Harrison -  Now Alex's images are bloody incredible, so much effort goes into them from the drone shots to outfit images of his girlfriend Victoria. His images are just beautiful with it's editing and framing. Wish I had a partner who could take images as amazing as Alex can!

7 - Hannah Renee - I've followed this girl for years now. She's bloody incredible and incredibly gorgeous. Her highlight always makes me look back like how I need to up my game.

8 - Aspyn Ovard - Her photos and feed are always so aesthetically pleasing, her clothing line luca and grae also is incredibly aesthetically pleasing and I think this stems from her own style which she placed into her clothing line - which I love because it's a clothing line she's clearly passionate about because it stems from her own clothing.

9 - Brandon Woelfel - The images he takes of the likes of LaurDIY and Gabbie and so many more. The images he produces are just incredible whether they are shot in a museum, in a street or what, theres always fairy lights included and I love it. It's amazing creating wonderful images from something so small or not artistic on the front side of things.

10 - Anouska - Firstly, she has a beautiful name and I adore her name and her Instagram feed. She is beautiful and the images she takes are incredible and her insta story layouts are incredible.

11 - Angelique Cooper - Angelique makes me want to drop anything and visit bali and LA and so many more. She makes everything seem so wonderful and picture perfect, honestly makes me want to travel every single day. I wish I could. She also does it so aesthetically pleasingly and makes me happy whenever she uploads a new post.

 12 - Rhiannon Ashlee

13 - Victoria / In The Frow - I have again followed Victoria for years and every year her Instagram gets better and better and it never fails to wow me with it's ever growing beauty. Her images and outfits are just incredible and don't have many more words for them. If you don't follow her Instagram please go ahead and follow it because you will not be disappointed.

14 - Stefanie Giesinger - I started following her when I originally found out she was dating Marcus Butler and i've been liking basically every post and watching her stories since, her accent due to her being from Berlin. She's incredibly beautiful, prob why she's such an amazing model.

15 - Tyler Oakley - I don't watch much of Tyler's YouTube channel anymore however I still look through his Instagram, especially with his colour block layouts. Tyler has done incredible work since launching his YouTube channel and it amaze's me. Well done Tyler.


I hope you enjoy and if you don't follow any of these accounts - please do!




Ellie x

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