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March 13, 2018

I've heard so much about korean skin care and how amazing it is I decided to cave in and buy a few bits from ASOS's korean skin care section. I adore buying beauty products from ASOS because student discount, next day delivery with free returns (and no this isn't a spon for ASOS, wish I was sponsored by them). I decided to get a 'range of products' being an eye mask, sheet mask and a liquid peel off mask. 


The colour schemes for these products are beautiful and the packaging is so nice and 'stripped back' with it's minimal colour schemes and clinical feel.


I haven't tried the charcoal mask as of yet so all I can review right now is the eye masks and the sheet mask.


The Eye Masks - I placed them under my eyes and left them there for 30 minutes and when I took them off my eyes felt softer than they ever have. For the price I will definitely be buying them again. They didn't slip down or move on my face they just stayed put where I first placed them under my eyes. I didn't place them too close to my eyes as I didn't want any liquid to go into my eyes, I placed them just under.


The Sheet Mask - I placed it onto my face and smoothed it down and left it on for 20 minutes to get the max out of the product. And just saying I love anything with rose in or rose water I think it does my skin the world of good, which is why I love rose facial sprays so much. I pulled the product off my face and massaged it into the skin and my skin felt like a babies bum, so so soft! Another product I will 100% be re purchasing especially due to the price.


I cannot wait to try more korean skincare, what i've tried so far it's been wonderful! 


Love, Ellie x


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