Boyfriend Tag 2018

February 25, 2018

When I put up a tweet the other day asking for blog post ideas, he being sat next to me texted me saying 'the boyfriend tag' so here we are... Happy boyfriend happy life. He may hate me posting a photo of him, he isn't as 'online' as me, but need some imagery within the post. So here we are, as it's not a traditional YouTube video the answers in pink are me and the answers in blue are his words. How gender stereotypical of me. I hope you enjoy the traditional YouTube tag in written form. I wrote my answers and then sent him the questions, so there's no cheating here.

Questions -


When/where did we meet?

At my university accommodation, the main entrance.

At your flat.


When did you meet my parents? (When did I meet his, when did he meet mine)

I met yours at the start of summer when we were both done with uni for summer.

Your house, god knows the date.


Where/when was our first kiss?

Where, at yours. When, the start of summer the first time I ever came to your house.

My house, god knows the date.


Who said "I love you" first?

He did, can't remember when... but he did.

You when you were drunk.


What is the first thing I wish you didn’t do? (Thing I wish he didn't do, Thing he wishes I didn't do)

Bite your nails, even though I do it too.

God knows.


What is something you wish I didn’t do? (Thing I wishes he didn't do, thing he wishes I didn't do)

Probably biting my nails?

Spend 10 hours on makeup.


Where was our first date?

Probably just sitting in watching Netflix, fav thing to do to this date.

Bowling (I think).


What's on TV if I'm watching it? (What he's watching, what i'm watching)

A gaming live stream probably.



What dressing do I always use? (Sauce he uses, sauce I use)

A goddamn Chipotle one. But you're obsessed with sauces so you'd have any.

Tomato Ketchup.


Which food's don’t I like? (He doesn't like, what I don't like)

Onions? Quorn?

Anything with onion / meat.


Which drink's don’t I like?

I don't think I know a drink you don't like apart from anything with Vodka in.



Which are my most favourite drink / food?

Pasta, Pizza, Jack Daniels, Pepsi...

Pepsi Max / Halloumi.


What is my shoe size?

Size 8.

Size 6.


What are my weird habits?

I don't think you have any really?

No weird habits.


What would I eat every day if I could?

I'd eat pasta or pizza everyday and I think you would too.

Halloumi / Anything with cheese.


What am I good at?

Everything, don't know one thing that you aren't good at.

Crafts / Design, Cooking.


What am I not bad at? (What am I average at)

I can't think of anything, like I said you're good at everything.

You're good at lots of things, idk.


Which kind of music do I like most?


Pop / Rock?


Which song do I like most?

I can't pin point one song, but prob something Eminem or Tyler or Stormzy.

Smash Mouth - All Star.


Which sport do I like?




Which sport team do I like most?

I'd like to say Man U, but i'm not certain.

Watford .


Do I play sport?

You used to play football, so at the moment no. But in the past, yes!

Good one.


What is colour are my eyes?


Green / Brown.


Who is my best friend?

Me or the dogs or Alicia / Josh.



Where do my family come from?

Yours? Derby?? Ireland?



What I often do in my free times?

Watch Gaming live streams, see me or doing work.

Write blogs, watch Netflix shows, Go shopping.


How long have we dated?

9 months.

Too long.


Do I often make you angry?

Probably, yes.



Which film do I like most?

Marley and Me?

The Notebook.

The questions I found were badly worded however make sense when you read them out loud so it's probably a speaking to writing problem, however it's mainly laid out as his answer is the answer for me and my answer is for him. 

I think the majority of the answers were correct apart from Watford for the football team on my behalf, i'd say I support home town being Huddersfield or Man U, but think he was joking on that one. And my favourite song, yeah I like that song but I don't even know my own favourite song so don't know how he knows that.


When writing out his fav film I couldn't remember it so just put marley and me, but after he told me it's the wolf of wall street I suddenly remembered, his fav football team is of course is hometown being burton durr silly me.

Hope you enjoyed,

Love, Ellie x 

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