Travel Makeup Bag 2018

March 4, 2018

I love snooping into peoples makeup bags, so please snoop into mine. I live out of a makeup bag a lot going to my boyfriends every fortnight and home whenever I go home. So I think i've got the bag down with a few interchangeable palettes. 

Base -

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm, I caved into this hype for primer a while ago now and it's lasted me a long while to this day and it's still the same bottle I bought a while ago. In the healthiest way lol. When you first apply it, it feels incredibly watery however when it dries down it becomes tacky which is perfect for a primer.


Simple Replenish Rich Moisturiser, I've used this moisturiser for years and will always re purchase as it just makes my face feel moisturised straight away and it's also an amazing price budget.


Mac Fix Plus Rose Water, I do use this as a fixing spray also however it adds moisture before makeup also and I always want a nicely moisturised face before makeup.


Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops, I use this before makeup rather than after my foundation as I find it too thick over makeup but I love it under makeup to add a glowy feel.


Face - 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour, I used to use mac studio fix and used to love the look yet hated the price point and I think this is one of the closer dupes I have found, it has the perfect amount of coverage which is incredibly high so this foundation for me is perfect. Also, due to the price point I can't deny a cheap foundation with good quality inside the bottle.


Lasting Perfection Concealer - This concealer is not under estimated at all, it's incredibly with amazing coverage with a cheap price point. Everyone loves this concealer, I love it so much I had to cut mine in half to get the rest of the product out. That's also a good hack for people who think it's empty but if you cut it open without the applicator in of course... you will then be able to get right into the two halves. Saves you when you run out mid application.


Rimmel Insta Fix Powder, I used to be obsessed with the stay matte powder however I found it always darkened my foundation, even when I used translucent. So I picked this one up, other people may not like it as it does leave a white cast when you first apply however when it melts into your skin it doesn't alter the colour of your foundation. 


Mary Lou Highlighter, The amount of these highlighters I've been through of these in the past so many years is probably shocking. It's the first highlighter I really fell in love with due to the amount of glow it puts back into your skin and it's cheaper price point.


Hoola Bronzer, This is one of the best bronzers i've ever used, it perfectly matches my contour/bronzer for my skin tone. I know they have recently released the Hoola Light which I am still lusting to try.


Revolution Soph Palette, When I first saw Soph upload the video announcing this highlight palette. I screamed with joy because the colours looked beautiful and incredibly pigmented. So when I finally saw it in store a few weeks ago I couldn't help but buy it and i've been using it ever since.


Eyeshadow - 

Naked 3 Palette, I've been using this palette off and on since I first bought it for prom in high school and it's stayed the same since first buying it, I love it just as much as I did when I first bought it. I've always loved a pinky/purpley eye and still do, so this was the perfect palette for me.


Inglot Customs, This is my inglot custom palette which I have collected over about a year and it's still not full. I need to find a third place to fill it. I bought three shades from Sandersons in Sheffields Fox Valley Shopping Centre and bought the other three whilst in New York in Macy's I think if I can remember. 


Eyebrows - 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, I caved to this hype months and months ago and still have the same pot that I originally bought. It's so pigmented and hard to use when you first start however after a few applications you get the hang of it and your brows will THANK you for it!


L'Oreal Brow Artist, This brow gel adds colour and has small hairs in to plump up the hairs in your eyebrows. They aren't too long and don't make all your brows messy I think it's the perfect amount of plumping, especially within the front of your brows.


Gimme Brow!, The brow artist for me is very similar to Gimme Brow, just with a smaller brush. So I rarely use it however I always carry it just incase of needing extra care for the front of my eyebrows. The benefit brows stuff is incredible it's just slightly pricier than others.


Lashes - 

Duo Brush On Lash Glue, I always used to use the general tube however I picked up the brush on whilst in Sephora in New York and will NEVER look back, it just minimises you putting too much on your lash and it evenly spreads it out unlike the tube which can just spurt EVERYWHERE. I didn't know you could purchase it in the UK in stores, however I found this in my local Boots in Lincoln, so it should be available everywhere.


Eyelure Lashes, I normally use Ardell Wispies however when I last went into Boots these were on offer and Ardell Lashes weren't so I picked them up. I normally find the lash bands hard to work with on these brand of lashes however these lashes are no problem at all. I can't specifically remember which ones they were however they shall be linked at the end of this post. 


L'Oreal Lash Paradise, I didn't want to cave into the hype for this mascara. But i'd heard so many amazing reviews I just had to. I couldn't not and my my it doesn't disappoint it's incredible. Elongates your lashes and separates them.


NYX Black & White Liner, All I can say about these liners are is that, they are incredibly pigmented and the brush is incredibly easy to use even though its a brush with individual hairs rather than a hard tip which makes it easier to apply. But I find these incredibly easy to use.


Lips -

Kat Von D Liquid Lip, Incredibly pigmented liquid lips and would happily buy more especially with their mid range price point. They dry down perfectly yet don't dry your lips out. 


Morphe Liquid Lips, Incredibly pigmented liquid lips and would happily buy more just like Kat Von D however with a smaller price point. They do dry down however take a little longer than the Kat Von D lips but again they don't dry your lips out.


Setting Spray -

Urban Decay All Nighter, The best setting spray I have ever used and it truly does work my makeup does last a lot longer with my moisturiser, primer and all nighter spray on top. I always find it slightly harder to get off at the end of the day with a makeup wipe, so that means it's working... right?


Mac Fix + (Rose), This is also up there with being an amazing setting spray. I have used fix plus for years now whether its the original or the new scented ones and it's a staple product that you should always have in your makeup collection.


I apologise for the brushes being dirty, they have just been used a few days ago. So I apologise. Just reality!


Brushes - (in order of photo)

Ted Baker, A powder brush by Ted Baker I got it in a christmas set from boots a while ago, I usually use the real techniques one but I take this one as its smaller.

Real Techniques Blush Brush,which I use for bronzing my face, as I don't wear blush, bronzer is higher on the priority list. 

Zoeva 127, which I use and love for contour / slight bronzing, it is the perfect shape for my cheek bones, it's the best one I've ever used. 

Zoeva 129 Fan brush, which I of course use for highlighter and it distributes the highlighter amazingly.

Real Techniques setting brush, I use it for powder under the eyes whether thats putting he product on or dusting it off after baking.

Zoeva 227, The perfect shade for my eyeshape with my crease shades.

Zoeva 228, Perfect for setting the lids or placing a shade all over the lid.

Zoeva 232, I use it for concealing / shaping around my eyebrows.

Zoeva 230, This brush is the perfect shape for highlighting the brow bone and the inner corner, it is also the perfect density.

Zoeva 142, It is meant for concealer however I use it for placing a shadow on the lid or buffing it into the crease.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, The perfect brush for both placing the shadow on the lid and buffing it into the crease.

Real Techniques Slanted Brow Spoolie, I use this to brush out my eyebrows before and after filling in my brows.

Real Techniques Slanted Brow Brush, I used to use a mac one however I switched to this as it's denser than the mac one and a lot smaller, which I find easier to use.

Ted Baker, A small shader brush which I use to place shadow on the lid and blend it out. 

Zoeva 234, Small shader brush which I use again to place shadow on the lid and further blend it out.

Real Techniques Accent Brush, this is the brush I use to place the shadow and blend under my lash line.


Sponges - 

Real Techniques Miracle Sponges, they're the best I've used to date, especially with the price. I have one for my foundation as you can see and one for powder.


Tweezers -

Real Techniques Detailing Tweezers.

Ted Baker Tweezers,


Lash Curlers - 

Primark. Think they were about £2 and they do the job.


I hope you enjoyed snooping into my travel makeup bag, I'd love to hear if you have any opinions on the products within my makeup bag.



Ellie x


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Soph x Highlighter Palette

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Naked 3 Palette

Eylure Lashes 

Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques Sponges

Zoeva Brushes

All Nighter Setting Spray

MAC Fix +

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