Mothers Day Gift Guide

February 18, 2018

I know Mother's Day isn't for a long while (11th March) for any of you that may be reading this last minute. I wanted to pull together a post with some of the items I would love to receive in the future as a mother. This post in no way means that you have to spend money on a present at all, I know my mum would rather have a card over anything else. This is for the people who do like to buy for their Mother's on Mother's day.

1. Something home related. Maybe an ornament, or a coffee table book. Something small, nothing massive like a sofa for example. But a little something that you think will go with your home feeling or something which you think that your mum would like. I looked at next for this example because they have some really nice small homey bits, candles and so on.

2. Flowers. A woman loves a set of flowers whether they are a pack from Morrisons or from somewhere like Interflora. I know the big bouquets of flowers can be expensive sometimes but I often think you get what you pay for flowers because the difference between same flowers for £5 in Morrisons will be a lot more on somewhere like Interflora however it would look and last a lot longer.

3. Jewellery. 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' as they always say, Missoma is a brand that I found out about through influencers online and ever since I first saw it I fell in love with how gorgeous it looks. I'd say that it's middle ranged priced jewellery it's not too expensive but also far from cheap it straddles the line between the two. The Lucy Williams collection is especially my favourite out of all of the collections but everything is still beautiful regardless and from what I've heard it's incredible quality.

4. Perfume / Colognes. I think an air of confidence comes from how you smell, whether it's a next £10 perfume or more than that. Scent is always a popular gift and a winner gift. I know Jo Malone have some beautiful scents and yes they are up there price wise but all i've heard about Jo Malone is good news with how beautiful and 'different' the scents are. 

5 - Afternoon Tea. Going somewhere with your Mother to have some nice afternoon tea. I know some pubs / restaurants do offer Afternoon Tea's occasionally but you could always go on an experience day site like Virgin and book through them, there are some gorgeous places which stretch all over the UK.

6. A Candle. Yankee Candles are probably my favourite candles and they recently brought out personalised candles. How perfect for mothers day a beautiful spelling candle with a beautiful image on the front (of you and your mum so your mother never forgets that you got the present). I think this is an incredibly good gift - I'd happily accept a Yankee Candle on any occasion. 

7. For a traveller. If you have a mother who loves to adventure and go places on holidays and so on. I think Aspinal London travel goods are a good buy because they may be slightly pricey but you're paying for real leather and a lot of detail within the Goods. I was going to buy my mum some for Christmas however thought of the idea too late and wanted to get them engraved so I resorted to other gifts. 

8. Skin Care. I looked at ASOS for this gift selection because ASOS have a good range of skin care and especially if you are a student buying for your mother put your 10% student discount to use. Skin care is a good thing to buy someone because it's something that you don't always want to buy yourself so it's nice to have it bought for you.

9. Spa/Beauty Days. Somewhere to go with your mum and relax, unwind and escape. This is another gift that you don't always want to buy yourself but you wouldn't say no to going. Theres many different sites which hold spa and beauty days, I just picked Virgin as it's the easiest to navigate around the site.

10. Smaller Gifts. B&M have just released a Mother's Day selection which includes a lower budget priced products with fragrances and mugs and chocolates. Which mean just as much as all the above presents that I have listed.


I hope this page helps you in some way, but remember you don't have to buy a gift for your Mother. Just remember all they may wish for is a card. Or, even a handmade gift they are plenty on Pinterest that you can follow I'll create a board of some good ideas and list them at the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed.


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Good places to get Mother's Day Cards;


Love, Ellie x

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