A Quick Boots Haul

February 19, 2018

I needed to repurchase some skincare products I had ran out of, so I popped into town after uni today and popped into Boots. Due to me having 'bad' skin a few years ago I was very cautious of trying skincare products as I was constantly worried about my skin flaring up because of the products. Yet in the past 2/3 years my skin has got a lot better and I'm less cautious of using other skincare products. I usually just use the witch hazel and tea tree skincare products from Boots as I just used them once, they were decent priced and they did the job. When I went into Boots and saw the 3 for 2 labels - I get so happy about them, and think YES YES.

I have heard so much about soap and glory skincare and about how amazing they are, so I decided to give them a go. I bought the Face Soap, The Scrub and the de-clog peel off mask. I honestly cannot wait to try these products as they look incredibly good. With doing Graphics as a degree i'm a sucker for anything that's got a limited colour palette, and soap and glory are one of the brands up there with such a nice colour palette which both compliments the products and the feel of the products. Due to recent deadlines I did this haul a little while ago now and am only just getting chance to finish writing and put the post up - so I have used these products since and I adore them all. The wash foams up so nicely and gives a nice lather on your face and the little beads give it a slight exfoliation and it smells wonderful. The scrub is also perfect I always look for and buy really gritty scrubs for my nose area to get all the dirt out and the usual ones I get are really thick scrub particles however this is the perfect consistency. It has smaller particles but does the job amazingly. And the mask, well... It's bright pink, it's a peel off and it leaves your skin feeling so soft. So whether it's a mask you do on your own or one you leave for when you're with the girls. I HIGHLY recommend. 


I then went ahead and picked up three sheet masks. I do love a skin on skin mask however also love a sheet mask purely because of how moisturising they are. I think when I picked them up they were on offer for three for a certain price or something. I have used all of them since buying them and they made my skin feel so nice. The moisturising ones really added some moisture to my skin and they felt so nice, my skin legit felt like a babies bum (in a gorgeous way) after i'd rubbed the residue into my skin. I'd highly recommend if you haven't tried them yet.


I ran out of my favourite pore strips a while ago now, so when I was buying other 'essentials' I of course had to pick them up. They are the boots own ones and I have found that they are the number one pore strips that actually pull out the dirt in your pores.


So, overall... the products that I bought were winners in my book and they will definitely be going back into my basket when I next run out.


Love, Ellie x 


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