My Tattoo's 2018

February 1, 2018

So I thought I better do a blog post about my tattoos, why I got them, where I got them and pain levels and so on. This post is something that will maybe change over the years when or if I get my tattoos, I thought it would be a nice post to have to look back on and enjoy reading. If this post isn't for you and you don't like tattoo's please just don't read and read something else that would entertain you. I hope you enjoy.

So my first tattoo, the one which is up there on the list of so many meanings and memories behind it. I basically got this tattoo on a win and the day before I messaged Harry asking if he had any space asap and he did. This was a tattoo I've wanted for a very long time, this logo is the album logo for night people - you me at six which is my favourite band, However my parents and grandma and grandad told me when I was younger 'I love you to the moon and back' and the logo looks like a moon within a circle and the circle being my world - which is my family. So it was an incredibly important tattoo to me and I still love it till this day. 


It was done by - Harry Peace in Huddersfield at Diamond & Dusters


Pain Level - 2/5. For my first tattoo I thought it was going to be agony, especially on my wrist near my veins. But it didn't hurt really at all apart from slight stinging around the vein in the centre of my wrist.


My second tattoo, is also on the high meaning list with it's memory and concept behind it. When my close friend passed away whilst in the army I knew one day I wanted to dedicate a tattoo somewhere on my body to him. So I finally took the bullet and hopped onto Pinterest and looked at illustrations / drawings of poppies which is when I found a drawing of three stem poppies which is when I contacted Harry again to slot me in to do this tattoo. I was really excited to get this tattoo due to the meanings behind it.


It was done by - Harry Peace in Huddersfield at Diamond & Dusters


Pain Level - 2/5. As this was my second tattoo I kind of knew the feeling however I've heard so much about the pain in leg tattoo's but I really didn't find it too painful because I got to lay on my front and be on my phone and take my mind off it a little. 


My third tattoo, was a massive win. My close friend Saffron came to visit me in Lincoln and we decided to spontaneously look at all the decent tattoo places in Lincoln who could fit us in asap. We wanted a good tattoo, but a asap tattoo - and the majority of good places have a waiting list of course. But we got in somewhere (which I cannot remember off hand as I deleted my Facebook messages of speaking to the tattooists). But it was a really nice place, was really lovely and kept us chatting throughout - even though we both had a few tattoo's by then so we didn't really need chatting through it.


It was done by - Unknown but in Lincoln Centre.


Pain Level - 2/5. This was my third tattoo and I didn't find it very painful at all, it was very similar to my first tattoo and stung a little when it got near to a vein, but apart from that. On the tattoo scale of things, it wasn't very painful at all. 


I really hope you enjoy this post, I know I enjoyed writing it trying to find all the pictures and so on. Maybe by 2019 I will have an update of this post, maybe not. We shall see.


Lots of love,


Ellie x  



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