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January 31, 2018

Not too long ago I put up a post about my top 10 favourite YouTubers, so I thought i'd do my favourite bloggers also. My YouTuber post may have been slightly known about due to people already knowing the channels, this post may be the same... but I hope you enjoy regardless. Lastly, this is in NO order whatsoever, it's just the way they've been uploaded - I don't want to rank anyone. But yeah, lets get on.

Suzie / Hello October -

I've watched Suzie for so many years on her youtube channel however recently I've been reading the blog just as much as watching her channel. She always kills the game with her style and i love a girl who can boss a winged eyeliner and it actually suit them rather than it being a thing they just wear. She also loves Topshop and I also love toyshop - winner winner chicken dinner. But if you've never read her blog or watched her channel, please do. 

Helen / The Anderz Approach -

Another channel that I featured within my top youtube channels, she sees like the kindest most loveliest person ever. I love both her videos and her blog because she just embraces her crazy personality yet it's so heartwarming to see especially with a genuine personality as that can be really rare. Lastly, she also has the most amazing style which I wish I had the confidence to wear whatever I like whenever I like.


Samantha Maria / Beauty Crush -

This is a channel thats been on youtube since the very start and I lost watching her for a while however I've been incredibly happy since watching her and reading her blog again. I think i've also fallen in love with her more since her having little Indie, which is the cutest little girl.

Victoria / In The Frow -

This is a blog which when I read, I love. I used to religiously read and watch her socials and recently I've got back into reading the blog. Her Instagram is absolutely incredible, I think everyone will aim for a boyfriend as amazing at photography as her boyfriend is. She's also incredibly gorgeous and beautiful and has everything goals with her makeup, hair, figure and style.

Bethan / Beff Shuff -

I'll never forget when Beth messaged me when I was running my old blog asking me about my 'success' back then and what I used and so on and so forth and she is KILLING the game currently, secretly gonna take credit for that Beth! muhaha! But yes, if you haven't read or seen her blog please go and check it out.

Em Sheldon / Em Talks -

I have followed Em for years on Instagram and she has also made me so envious with her travel photos, her designer purchases and so on. She is also an incredibly good writer and has an amazing personality which shines through in her posts and videos. 


Lucy Moon / Lucy Moon -

Lucy recently started her blog following her youtube channel and I have loved seeing her write things out and see her thoughts out on a post and it's been so incredible to read. So if you haven't heard of Lucy please go check her out and read her blog and please send me feedback if you enjoy.

Zoe Sugg / Zoella -

So of course I had to include Zoe in the line up, she recently mentioned in her recent vlog that she's going to get back into blogging again this year and it just made me so happy because I love her blog with mix of her amazing writing skills and photography skills. I'm sure you all know Zoe.

Poppy Deyes / Poppy Deyes -

Poppy is another blog which you will no doubt know or recognise, due to her being PointlessBlog otherwise known as Alfie's sister. She started her blog I would like to say around a year ago - well that's when I've been reading from anyway. Her (well Sean's) photography is incredible from her OOTD's to her flatlays. She's a girl who loves stripes and Topshop, and as do I and it makes me incredibly happy. If you haven't read her blog yet, please do.

Louise Pentland / Sprinkle Of Glitter -

Another common blogger you may know, but another blogger that I love just as much as all the rest. I do love family Vlogs so as you can imagine I of course love family Bloggers. She's also recently just had a new baby, baby pearl and I am so excited to see her grow up, just as I was with Darcy.

Holli / Happily Holli -

Last but certainly not least, Holli. This girl is an inspiration to all and her words and her accent and everything is just perfect. So if you have never heard of her or followed her instagram please do, she is wonderful. She talks about health, mental health and everything surrounding it. She's opened to my eyes to so many different things. So, well done girl.


So I hope you enjoyed this post and got some new bloggers to read. Please tell me if you do start reading any of the above and tell me what you think - go give them all some love. Anyway, see you soon. 


Ellie x 


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