Makeup Tour 2018

January 30, 2018

So, welcome to my makeup tour I don't have as much makeup as some beauty bloggers however I do have quite bit for the 'average' girl and I really love makeup and collecting it and hoarding it. I'm not sure i'm going to be able to link everything at the end of this post however I will try mention brands overall rather than certain products. I really hope you will enjoy, please post any questions if you have any in the comments below about makeup looks / favourite products, etc. I have ran out of a few products recently and I recently had a clear out so if she's lacking as a collection - It may be why.

This is the top of my makeup storage, I have my Rimmel 25 hour favourite foundations, my milani foundation, and two shades of LA Girl foundations, and then an assortment of palettes from: my soph highlighter palette, Kylie palette, NYX contour palette, my Inglot custom palette, Moondust, Morphe 12p, Naked one, Naked two, Naked three and then my Morphe 9b blush palette.

This is the overview of my makeup storage, I basically have what I just described above onto of my storage and then the three stacked three drawers and my three Morphe palettes on the side with my brushes and beauty blenders and jewellery on the smallest little section. 

The first layer of my storage includes my concealers and halloween bits. I'm missing my favourite concealer right now which is a Rimmel one but I still have the collection one which I adore and it's amazing quality for it's price which I LOVE as a student.

In here I have my powders from my hoola, to my bobbi brown bronzer, many powders so I never run out mid baking/powdering my face. I kind of have my storage to the list of my applying my makeup (kind of not really). 

This is kind of a miscellaneous drawer, it has my eyebrow products, my lash products, spare powders I don't often use, liquid chrome highlighter. This is prob my iconic drawer because people know me for my lashes and brows haha! and its also my favourite things to do/apply. 

This is my eyeliner/mascara drawer with a few eyeshadows in there because they can't fit in my eyeshadow drawer. It has liquid eyeliners, mascaras and so many different items in there, this is the drawer that had the most cleared out recently due to the amount I had.

This drawer has my small palettes and liquid highlighters and a few mac pigments and bits like that. This is the drawer that often gets forgotten about but I wish it didn't because it has so many amazing products in there.

This is my shadows and glitter drawer including all things fun and exciting. Mainly NYX shadows which I love so much they're so amazing and pigmented.

This drawer includes my brushes which are used for glitter and are incredibly gross and stuck together which I can just never get clean. I then have my mac lipsticks and other lipsticks which I very rarely use but still love having. 

Liquid lips and liners, which are my favourite type of lip - a liquid lip. The Kat Von D / Morphe / ABH liquid lips are amazing, so matte but not drying.

Then this is the last drawer with my lip balms and glossy things which I rarely use but you need them in your collection.

Behind my little side mirror which the boyf got for me holds my moisturiser, primer and setting sprays like my all nighter, mac fix plus and my mario rose water. The three Morphe palettes behind my brush storage is the 35O mattes times 2 and one 35O shimmer. 

So overall that was my makeup collection - not much detail but you can see each product. Maybe when the collection grows I shall do an in detail post about all the makeup I own.


Main brands featured in my collection:


Urban Decay 


Real Techniques 


The Balm UK


Morphe UK




Acrylic Drawers

Palette Storage


See you soon, Ellie x 

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