Shoot For The Stars @ Lush

January 29, 2018

I took these images a while ago as I'm now back at uni however I miss bath's and miss luxurious bath bombs. So this post is going to be all about the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. I hope you enjoy. Lush is a store which I love and have loved for a long while however I rarely shop there as due to being a student it is a little tad out of my price budget for a shower gel, especially when I don't have a bath at uni so I can't make the most of bath bombs at uni. 

Before the bath bomb, clean sparkly bath water. I hadn't put anything in the bath before placing the bath bomb in of course it was plain bathwater. Products in shot will be listed at the end of the blog post.


This is the bath bomb, it's incredibly pretty and you can imagine by looking at it what colours and what it's going to reveal which is of course blue and glitter. It's a bath bomb I've never used before I normally just stick to the most well known bath bombs yet this one is unknown to me so I was very excited to try. 


The smell that came out of this bath bomb was sweet yet not too sickly and sweet and in your face yet just made the whole bathroom smell gorgeous, made the bath a beautiful blue colour with glitter slightly everywhere but not TOO glittery. I must stress that the glitter within the bath bombs at lush do not block drains and so on, which is a massive plus. 


The little stars stayed behind after the blue outer bath bomb had done its thing and then the stars slowly did its thing after this and I loved it. It made this beautiful midnight blue colour which I loved and want every bath to be this colour. I cannot recommend this bath bomb enough I absolutely loved it. Shoot For The Stars is a seasonal item so i'm sorry that this post is so late. However please look out for it next winter!. I don't know what else to say apart from how much of a nice bath bomb it was and it wasn't too greasy or too moisturising it was the perfect balance between just enough of the two which made you feel lovely and soft and such.


See you soon, Ellie x 


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