My 10 Favourite YouTube Channels

January 28, 2018

I did a post the other week talking about my favourite Netflix series' and I decided to take that inspiration and talk about my favourite YouTube channels. YouTube what it used to be and what it is now has changed by a mile and I do miss the old YouTube sometimes however there are still some channels nowadays that I love and I don't think that will change for a while. So here's my top 10 YouTube channels - and not in any particular order. 

1 // Shane Dawson - So of course I have to mention Shane Dawson, he's been a channel i've been watching for years and years probably since I first created a YouTube account. I have been loving his haunted hotel series recently (apart from his recent upload when that other guy who uses his channel and I'm not really a fan of them). I love the comedy and truthful side of him he seems truly down to earth - which I love and adore.

2 // Roman Atwood - Another channel that i've been watching probably since I got my YouTube account. His life seems absolutely crazy yet so wonderful at the same time, it's lovely to see both his home down to earth blogs but also his crazy vlogs. It's nice to see a channel thats so different (in my eyes anyway).

3 // Colleen Ballinger - I adore her main channel however my favourite channel is her vlogging channel is my ultimate favourite due to her comedic side and also her down to earth side. Yet I also love her family and the family vlogs, she has such a big family and it just reminds me of my big family also.

4 // Zoe/Zoella Sugg - I had to include her in my list of course, I love both zoe's main channel and vlogging channel not just because she's big within YouTube but because I truly love her channel, like I've said for all the others channels she appears to be so down to earth and lovely whether thats her unboxing some products or doing something fun with alfie, nala or the family. 

5 // Tom Syndicate - Another channel i've known of for the longest time and yeah his gaming channel isn't the most on my watch list however his vlogs - I absolutely adore. Very similar to Zoe whether it's being fun go karting or doing something crazy or at home with his cats or Lydia. I also find his accent very warm and homely to me as it's near my hometown. 

 6 // The Michalaks - This is a channel that I was in love with in first year of college however stopped in my second year yet in summer before uni I fell in love with them all over again and watch very regularly now. They are a family of four and Hannah is beautiful and so lovely and such a sweetheart and the love she shows for her children is heartwarming. Plus the kiddies are so cute and so adorable even when Grayson is playing up with toddler tantrums. 

 7 // Rhiannon Ashlee - Now this is the channel is probably one of my favourites out there, I've watched non stop since Delilah was born and it melts my heart how much she's grown up and the little girl she is growing up to be. No wonder she's such a sweetheart and so kind due to how lovely her parents seem to be. I adore this channel and cannot recommend it enough - if you haven't watched Rhiannon please do, she also has a main channel which I also love watching. This sounds like a spon for Rhiannon - promise it's not haha. 

 8 // James and Carys - This is a channel I just started watching as it came up in my recommended auto play section, they haven't put up many videos yet however Carys has her own channel but I've been loving her home vlogs with them both redoing their new house and decorating and such - I love home decorating moving vlogs, please give me any suggestions that you love. 

 9 // Helen Anderson - Anderz vlogs is a channel I've loved for a long while, she has such an amazing character and seems so lovely and kind and she just has such an amazing personality. Since her and her husband split she still has her bright and bubbly outgoing character without bringing her down on camera and it just makes me realise how strong she really is.

 10 // - SacconeJolys - Last but not least a channel I've been watching for years now, way before there first child was born, there channel has changed over the years with more kids and their career's however its been so nice to watch them grow not only the kids growing up but the way Anna and Jonathan have changed with their incredible success and so on. They are a channel that I watch without fail every single day they upload and they always make me smile or laugh without fail.


So they were my top 10 channels that I pick to watch out of my subscription box, which I love and enjoy more than everyone else in my sub box. They are my few which I will watch without fail if they are in my sub box. I hope you enjoyed this post and if I gave you inspiration to watch another vlogger that you haven't yet watched I hope you enjoy watching them thanks to me haha! 


See you soon, Ellie x 


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