Snow Fairy @ Lush

January 8, 2018

I’m not normally one who caves for lush products due to the price. I’ve had them a few times and have loved them when I do use them. I would love to have them in my every day routine however just yet I don’t think my bank account would be happy with that. 


But after Christmas me and my boyfriend went to Leeds and saw that the Christmas boxes were on 50% off and I didn’t quite believe my eyes so I passed it off and was like hmmm, don’t believe it really. But when I next went into Lush in a store nearer me I asked one of the assistants if they are actually 50% off, and to her big giggle and smile she said of course. So I thought - can’t deny this can I. And bought two of the boxes for them home and couldn’t wait for my baths. Problem is, don’t have a bath at uni - so have to finish them all by the time I leave (which is in less than two days when I’m writing this) 4 bath bombs to use. I hope you enjoy the reviews.


Well I’m one who absolutely adores baths and everything about them and miss them so much when at uni. Fun fact - my dad used to own a cafe and me at home having baths used to use more water here than what they used there. Oops. Anyway, I’ve had a few Lush bath bombs and other ones previous and Lush have always topped them all. So this was joyous to me. I go into the store whenever I see one and I think out of my family I’m the only one who can stand and love all the smells in one. Think that says something about me. 


As you’ve seen by the title I got the Snow Fairy box, and if you read blogs and watch YouTube videos you’ll know how popular Snow Fairy is. Everybody described it as a candy sweet smelling product - I was HOOKED. That sounds incredible to me, in any scent, mainly bath products I love something sweet that when you get out of the bath you can still smell and it’s not just disappeared into your skin. So I was SO excited to use it. I previously had bought the shower gel whilst 50% off in Leeds so I knew how gorgeous the scent was, but I wasn’t prepared for everything else.

 Within the box I got the body conditioner, the bubble bar, the shower gel and the bath bomb. As i've heard so much about the scent Snow Fairy, which is only available at Christmas time pals, I'm incredibly sorry about this, but please grab it in Christmas time because it smells so beautiful. 


 I decided to go ahead and use the bath bomb first and allow it to be the main focal point. And of course it didn't disappoint, it included the pink, the white, the bubbles and all the fun. I of course wanted a plain water to show the bath bomb in all its glory. It made the bath all pink and it felt so luxurious. Lush are the only bath bomb which I've used and come out the bath without using anything before or after feeling soft and like I already have body butter on me. Which I LOVE so much!!. 


I then of course wanted to use the bubble bar as well but didn't want it to make the main focal point within my bath, so I only ever so slightly ran it under the bath to create some more bubbles. It has a gorgeous glitter lustre all over the outside of the star with a bell and the ribbon which just add's extra lux onto the bubble bar. Bubble Bars are reusable they can be crumbled or just ran under the bath and it just creates SO many bubbles. 


I then wanted to include some images of the amount of bubbles and the beauty of the bath bomb. Like I said I didn't put the bubble bar under for long AT ALL and the amount of bubbles came was incredible to say how much I put in the water. And the bath bomb just created and made my bath a gorgeous pink colour and just made me feel so wonderful. The bath bomb made the water the pink colour but of course not only that it just made my skin feel incredible with a little glitter in there. There wasn't an overload of glitter AND it didn't stain my bath which is something I love. Some bath bombs can stain the bath even after washing it - yet there was no stain whatsoever. The body conditioner felt amazing and as I've used the shower gel before I love the smell and it lathers up so well, I'm a sucker for shower gels or shampoo's that lather up well.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the Lush post, I hope you'd love to see more as I have some in the works due to me returning to uni and not having a bath there so I wanted to get them in before I leave of course.


Ellie x


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