2018 Goals

January 7, 2018

Going into 2018 I wanted to set myself some goals, nothing to strictly stick to but ones that seem achievable. Saying goodbye to 2017 and going into 2018 I wanted to end the previous year on the blog and start a fresh with 2018 - Make it the best year yet. I'm going to show 5 of my top 2018 goals - the ones which matter the most to me. 


1. Blog.

I have always loved blogging for about 2/3 years now on various different sites, however this site that i've posted on has to be my favourite as it's the site that I feel the most me on. I wish I had posted more than I have on this site however due to busy uni deadlines and life catching up on me - I haven't had the time to do so. So for 2018 I wish to do more of this, more content, hopefully more brands and people to collaborate with and so much more. I want this site to be a reflection of myself and I hope you enjoy reading it all and enjoy following me on this journey.


2. Focus on myself.

I want to make this year the year of me. The year I focus on myself, my own mental health and everything that follows.


3. Make some incredible work via uni.

I have made some amazing work in the past and during uni however I want to push out all the goals all the barriers and create things I’ve never created before rather than sticking within my comfort zone, I really want to push myself.


4. Put myself out there with my work within Graphics.

I have some contacts and some ways and means of getting myself out there, but I want to create more within my ‘free time’ aswell, more illustrations/drawings/type and share them on my site (please do look at my portfolio section - not everything is up there yet but it will be at some point). And just get my feelers out for jobs and people to collaborate with and so on.


5. Travel.

Lastly, my favourite thing to do is travel, see the world, go places, see how the other people live. I was incredibly lucky to go to New York with uni, but I want to do more with my friends and family and be young and enjoy being young. I may not have the money I’d love to have just yet to see the world. But even if it’s somewhere in Europe, as long as I get to travel. I’ll be one happy girl.


They are my five major goals I want to set myself for 2018. Small goals which in my ‘big’ head sound achievable. They do at this moment writing this anyway haha! Well anyway I hope you enjoy seeing me regularly again I’ve been really enjoying posting and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. I hope to see you all soon. 


Ellie x

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