Goodbye 2017

January 5, 2018

So, I'm late in writing this however it was something I wanted to write more for myself than anybody else really as a look back of what I achieved then and what I shall hopefully achieve by next year. I want this blog to be a place I be myself, enjoy writing about what I love, what I go through and so much more - this post shall be the start of this. Happy 2018 everybody and I really hope you enjoy reading about my 2017.



2017 started being INCREDIBLY hungover from the night before with my best uni pals with a ball pit and all the fun surrounding the incredible flat 12 ball pit. Messy but hey, whats uni for? New Year's Day at about 2am so basically the next day entailed a very funny drunk phone call from my best friend which is when I first spoke to my then unknown boyfriend (wow). The rest of early January entailed more ball pit shenanigans with my best uni pals (of course).  I think the start of 2017 was my favourite as all of my pals were coming back from Christmas and we hadn't seen each other and it just involved the ball pit, alcohol and so so many giggles. Middle/Late January included me starting to speak to my now boyfriend - We started speaking mid me being in a very messy place with my Mental Health (which I would love to share my story on/help on more on this blog) and this is where everything just kind of was on the look up and started getting better (thanks babe).



This month carried on with many drunken funny nights out with my bestest friends where everything just felt amazing within myself - I have a bloody amazing set of uni friends and I am so thankful for all the nights out. I wouldn't be me without them. I went to New York as well and oh my what an amazing experience that was, I do have a blog post about this already so I won't share too much within this post but it was just amazing. I ate the best pancakes of my life and ill leave February on that note.



This was the month of friendships. Saffron a girl I have followed for years now due to our love for You Me At Six. We had been close for I bet around a year and our friendship just grew and grew and we'd been wanting to meet each other for so long we finally bit the bullet and she made the long ass journey from Essex to me in Lincoln for a few days - and my OH MY. What a blast it was. We saw the Lincoln sights, saw the club and a lot of VKs. We also got friendship/band tattoo's. Love you saff x. Then my current boyfriend came to Lincoln for the first time and we finally met each other after the long weeks of talking via twitter dm's and texts. Then came all the Skype calls of me getting ready for nights out and general chats which I still cherish to this day. Then came seeing All Time Low for like the fourth time with my favourite people - I can never turn down a good old gig. Me and my mumma bear went to Liverpool for the day.



April started with us all dressing up as dwarf's as a joke with it being Jordyn's birthday. Me, Heather and Josh went to go see YMAS together which was an incredible night full of laughs - no taxis and so much more. April wasn't really a jam packed one it just included the start of summer and all sorts like that.



May saw me seeing my 'boyfriend' for the second time and meeting his two dogs who have now become my best friends. Had funny memories with my dad, saw Macy Moo and so on. Summer was mainly work and seeing my boyfriend. Summer seemed very boring compared to the uni shenanigans - but I loved my summer so much. 



June is birthday month - ayyyyyy. I saw my Milly for a birthday meal which was incredible. I had my usual family shindig where we all gather for a few drinks n food - which I love every year. I then of course went to visit the Boyf because whats a birthday without seeing the boyf. Went to the zoo with Milly Moo as a late bday trip. Worked, Saw Boyf, Worked and repeat.



Spent time with Macy Moo again, Worked, Saw Boyf, Worked and repeat once again.



Went to London with my Mum to see Wicked as a birthday present and it was amazing. I then came home, moved out of uni, Mum fell and broke her humerus, I worked, We went away to Stratford for a mini break due to Mum and Dad not being able to go away due to her accident - Then me and the boyf went straight down to LDN for a few days. It was so amazing to spend a few days in my favourite place with my fav human.



Moving back to uni time, then spent nearly every other week from then on going from Lincoln to Burton to see the boyf. Hello Year 2 of uniiii. Uni got incredibly busy once again with deadlines.



October then carried on with uni, visiting the boyfriend and then going to and from Burton and Lincoln every other week taking my uni work with me where ever I go. It then included a very funny halloween night out with my uni pals.



November started with bonfire night with my parents at the Lincoln show ground - which is beautiful every year. November was busy because it was nearing to the Christmas period - big deadlines - a lot of hard work. 



Started off with Lincoln Christmas Markets which I've been to for three years in a row now and it just gets better and better. We got Christmas jumpers for the pups, I had massive uni deadlines and then finally finished a week before Christmas and got my hair done finally my dream hair colour - maybe lets see for a 'haircare' routine. Then had the best Christmas with my family and was spoiled as per usual. I then spent new years relaxing with the boyf and it was a perfect start to 2018. 


Hello 2018. 2017 has been a year of realising and becoming me again. The previous year 2016-2017 my first year of university was incredibly hard and tested my patience massively. 2017 started bad but only got better and better and I saw help for my mental health and met my boyfriend which has made 2017 the best year ever and I cannot wait for many more years together with him and all the happiness to come. 2018 will include ; more blogging, more smiles, and working on myself and my degree more and more.


Ellie x

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