The City That Never Sleeps | NYC

November 17, 2017

Earlier this year I took a trip to New York with my Graphic Design course and we named it 'GD17'. This blog post is very delayed as I went to New York in Feburary however I never really had the time to sit and file through and write about it, I just spoke to everyone I know personally about it and everything surrounding it. 


The trip over, we flew from London Gatwick or Heathrow one of the big ass airports. I thought Manchester airport was big till I walked into that airport.


We were actually running late as our coach from Lincoln to London was like an hour late and we legit had to run through the airport to our gate because how bad would it would have been if such an amount of us missed the flight ha!


I don't think i've ever flown this long, not that I can remember anyway. So when I flew 9 hours, we got blankets a pen,a facemask, basically unlimited drinks and a three course meal.


Jesus being a student I couldn't remember what it felt like to be looked after as much as I did on this goddamn flight! 



Thanks Virgin Atlantic, don't really want to fly with any other flight company.



Ahh Times Square what a beautiful place to be, so we arrived to our hotel mid afternoon with the time change and so on, so we spent the day wondering around and getting used to our surrounding's so we wouldn't get lost. We then walked down to Times Square at night to grab a bite to eat as we wanted to try and get an early night ready for the morning ahead. Times Square was beautiful, all the lights, all the shops - lives to the title of this post 'The City That Never Sleeps'. They had an installation in the centre where there were black poles with intermittent pink dashes and so on on it and when you stood in the centre or slightly off centre it would make a perfect love heart. Yet if you were on the right hand side of it, it would just look like a bunch of poles. With no real context till you get head on.



There were some little bits which I spotted whilst walking around which I saw and took snap's of and really loved the look of how they came out. The first image I found whilst walking towards Pentagram the Graphic Design studio which was taped up to a lamppost. It was titled Be Mighty and included bits which people could rip off and it included little pieces of motivational and inspirational quotes. Once I saw the poster I looked into the Instagram and the person behind it who puts them up. Terrence Kelleman puts 'Be Mighty posters around NYC with 10 quotes of wisdom and motivation each week to inspire people here and around the world'. This is the website which explains it in more detail | | . Then when we were walking home late night after going up the Empire State and saw this spray painted on the floor or 'board walk' as American's may say. And it says 'Protect Yo Heart', it displays the idea of protecting your heart from being hurt by others in many different ways. We were then all walking towards another studio and we walked past a set of shops and displayed in this shop window it said 'all the feels' in all lower case in a neon sign and I just thought how aesthetically pleasing it was so took a quick snap whilst walking past the store.



 Cityscapes. Something so common within big cities like New York. They are SO beautiful and something so easy to photograph because it's so effortless. I was taking these photo's whilst walking down the street and just briefly stopped to take photos of my surroundings because I love having so many images to look back on. The mix of traditional and modern architecture throughout all of the streets of New York. Felt like some of the businessy' buildings down there reminded me from something from Suits however I know Suits isn't even filmed in New York.


These are some images which I captured around the statue of liberty. In the first image I can see her from very far away, we then got the boat/ferry just past statue of liberty and back again, we didn't want to pay the money to get to her haha! On the way out we weren't on the right side for her, and then on the way back it was so misty so we couldn't even see her properly, however I tried to get some artsy images anyway. Especially of the view of the sky line through the mist and the barriers. The contrast between the orange barrier and the black/white/grey of the image through it. And these images haven't been edited at all! So the contrast on my IPhone6 is bloody good!


The 9/11 memorial, more known as One World Trade Centre. I was very cautious of thinking about going to memorial as I was very worried about going because I knew it was going to be emotional. 



Again, what a beautiful yet emotional moment, it’s so beautiful to see something be built as a memorial yet have the mix of both the memorial and the beauty that is the one world trade centre. I mean it must be as pretty as it is on the outside. 


New York at night, now this is 100% a city that never sleeps. It’s just as beautiful in the day as it is in the night, you’ll find just as many shops open in the day as at night😂. Plus seeing New York at night just makes me wish and aim for the day I spend a wintery Christmas in that wonderful city. 


 We visited one of the famous art colleges, forgive me for not knowing the name, it had some beautiful little type touches by the stairways. Hence the photos. 


Annnnnnnddd The End.


 So the conclusion to this big post is, if you ever get the chance to go to New York appreciate it and take it in. It is so beautiful and you will enjoy every moment of it. Go to all the main features and go to as many places as physically possible! Hope you enjoy! 


Ellie x


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