Hello There

October 16, 2017

So you may note a little / big change on the blog. This is in aid of me wanting to fall in love with blogging again because I love writing a heck of a lot (even though I'm not very good at it). After my boyfriend helping me with my choices I decided to change my blog and make it way more ME and it basically be an online representation of me and my life, and that's what the blog will radiate too. I have decided to not try and stick to a regime or a schedule as they do not work out for me I tend to write my bestest when its unfiltered and straight from the head or I over think it too much and re write and re write. A non schedule blog will maybe not be the bestest way to climb the blogger charts (not like my illiterate writing will anyway) as you'll never know when to look, but just pop in from now and again and have a check if I haven't wrote a blog in a while give me a nudge but always check my portfolio as this will be ever growing and ever be updated the same with my Instagram and my Pinterest if you're a keen pinner like me.


Anyway this was just a quick fly in visit to say HI !! I am here, I am studying a Degree in my second year, so I may not be as active as I wish to be, but I am here and still active on other modes of social media. One day there may be 2 blogs, one day there may be none. 




Anyway, any questions and any feedback / blog post ideas and such. 


Love, Ellie x

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