World Mental Health Day 2017

October 10, 2017

World Mental Health Day. A very different topic to talk about on the blog however it’s something I’m more open about on my twitter account. 

Anyway mental health is something which people are often afraid of talking about, which is understandable as it’s a very emotional and touchy subject which I wish it was more openly spoken about because the stigma which is around it is something which needs to be broken.

Mental health is something I’ve always heard being spoken about but never understood properly until of late in the past 4 years I’d say if not 5, I’ve always heard of it but never witnessed it myself and dealt with it heavily. I remember in my very young high school ages i remember re-blogging pictures on tumblr of thinspo photos and images of mentally ill girls which at the time I saw as ‘achievable’ and ‘goals’ which I look back on now and just sigh sadly to myself because it was sad to look and think about but I never saw and realised it till I experienced it in my every day life because I never saw the effects it can have on the person and the people around them. 

Until of late and experiencing big changes in my life caused me to go through mental health issues and witness my friends witness them. I’m sure my best friend wouldn’t be annoyed at me mentioning this but she has gone through several mental health issues herself including anorexia and it has changed my point of view and my experience because it’s opened my eyes so much more to everything that’s happened throughout the past 2/3 years.

It’s made me learn so much more. 

Please always know you are never alone, things are only going to get better, there is only up from here. I shall include a few videos and important links at the end of this blog post which are helplines, or videos which will maybe put the smile on your face and make you realise what you have to live for. 

I didn’t want to focus on myself in this post however I’m going to slightly mention it. My mental health experiences haven’t been as severe as other people have gone through however I’ve learnt it’s not positive to think like this, what you’ve been through is negative to you, it’s what YOU are going through, you cannot compare it to what others are going through, it’s not comparable. What happens to you happens to you and it’s severe and can be life changing to you, everyone reacts differently and everyone deals with everything differently. I just know when I sat to myself and put things into place and put things into list of importance and got people out of my life who were negative, and kept people in my life who were positive to me and I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my mental health, I’m not over it, I probably never will be, it will be with me forever, but I’m better than I was for certain. My first year of university was a life changer for me, I lost some people, I gained so many people, I gained my bestest friends and more importantly I gained my boyfriend - who has been a massive improvement in my mental health. But anyway, you sometimes need to prioritise who you have in your life and think of your importance to others and what you are currently doing. 

As I previously mentioned my best friend I got her to write a paragraph about her experience and such. 

























“This is not glamorous. This is not you're 'cute' 'quirky' 'quick fix' to happiness. This is not your goals. This is not something to 'aim for'. A lot of people with anorexia don't actually manage to lose weight until there dangerously ill but some do. Both are sad,very sad. I was anorexic when I had a round tummy,jiggly thighs and a pair of DD boobs. I was anorexic when I had curves ,a pretty womanly shape and appeared healthy on the outside. I was anorexic when I ate and snacked when I was hungry. I was anorexic when I decided too VOLUNTARILY go in treatment. I was anorexic when I decided to start drinking fortisip and stopped being restrained by staff for NG feeds. I was anorexic when I went into heart failure at 18 years old. I was anorexic when I weighed less than the 13 year old me. I was anorexic when I built up the strength the use the stairs and was no longer dependant on a wheelchair. Today I'm currently in treatment,voluntarily eating 6 meals a day,gaining weight weekly, eating foods out my comfort zone and not using compensatory behaviours. I'm not a healthy weight but I'm pretty damn close, I spend time out with family and friends,no longer calculate everything,I'm able to eat at restaurants and let other people prepare my food. BUT I'm still anorexic. The girl you see in the first photo slide is anorexic and the girl you see in the second photo slide is anorexic. The only difference is anorexia doesn't have me anymore. I will not be 1 in 5❤️” 

Overall this pile of shambles and a little post about mental health is over, I may write more, I hope it opened your eyes, but please always remember and if you take one thing away from this post I’ll be happy. Remember you got this, Crying isn’t weak, Admitting you’re not okay IS okay, and somebody loves you so much. You are not alone. 

“Mental Health is just as important as physical health. Remember that”

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I may write more posts but I shall not stick to a schedule I shall upload when I can, if I can write more of an illiterate post about this topic please be sure to check my website, thank you x 


Ellie x



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